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Dying for a change? The Do's & Don'ts of home hair dyes

Monday, 9 March 2009

Have you ever got it badly wrong? Had you intended on burnished blonde but ended up garish green? With many people forced to tighten the purse strings, many luxuries such as trips to the hair dresser, have had to go on the back burner. Home hair colour is replacing the discretionary trip to the salon and sales of home dye kits have recently surged.

Eddie Doyle, Hairstylist Supreme!
Eddie is proprietor of Perceptions Hair salon in Goatstown in Dublin. He feels that "Hairdressing is the medium through which I can indulge one of my hobbies while making people feel and look better" (Irish Tatler August '08)

Semi Permanent:-
Also called "rinses" or "washes," semi-permanent products coat the hair with color that washes out after about 6 to 12 shampoos. You won't have any worries about your roots because the color washes out before roots can really show. However, since semi-permanent products don't contain any ammonia or peroxide, you won't be able to lighten your hair any shades, you'll only be able to add color. Mostly semi-permanent colours enhance your natural shade and add gloss & shine.
Product shown: Colour, €4.20, Boots nationwide

Permanent color uses both ammonia and peroxide, which enter the hair's cortex and create a change that cannot be washed out. Keep in mind that the end result is always a combination of the added pigment and the original pigment of your hair, so the dye may look different on you than, on your friend, the model on the box, or Julia Roberts. But as the name suggests, when you wash with permanent color, if you don't like it, your only options are to wait for the color to grow out or to dye over it (which, again, DEFINITELY requires a pro).

Someone who wants to cover gray hair should look for a hair color that specifically mentions gray coverage. Gray hair can be difficult to color, and some hair dye brands are made just for that purpose. One brand has a pre-treatment for the hair that is supposed to make the gray hair accept the dye more easily. Those who want to cover gray without changing much about their natural hair color should look for a hair dye shade that is close to their natural color.
Clairol Nice n' Easy, €8.49, Tesco Nationwide
Product Shown L'Oreal Excellence Crème, €12.49, Boots nationwide

Highlighting kits
Highlights are usually permanent, and they are a great way to add texture and subtle color to your hair-whether they're red or blond or even blue-without dramatic changes. Beware that highlighting often takes a long time, as you usually have to use a pick to pull your hair through tiny holes in a plastic cap. The more hair you pull through the holes, the more dramatic the results.
Product Shown - L'Oreal Perfect Blonde Crème Highlighting Kit, €9.49, Tesco nationwide.


Men's hair colour

Organic/ Natural hair colours
"Naturtint is a permanent hair colorant with vegetable ingredients. It is enriched with wheat, soy, corn and oat plant protein complex designed for hair restructuring and protection. Naturtint contains no ammonia and its raw materials are of the highest cosmetic quality. Naturtint is made up of a range of 28 different tones which can be mixed together to produce infinite color ranges so as to achieve a unique, personal tone. Naturtint completely covers all normal grey hair, its effects do not wash out and it is gentle on even the most fragile hair. Naturtint is quick and easy to use and also secures a healthy, natural color, volume and shine."
Product Shown - Naturtint, €13.45, The Health Store

Eddie's Do's & Don'ts:-

. Mix the product well with the correct measurements as stipulated in the instructions
. Try and get someone to help put it on for you.
. Know your natural colour
. Massage well into the ends
. Know your skin tone.
. Wear gloves provided in most boxes of colour
. Put petroleum jelly on hair line & ears, being careful not to touch hair.
. Use a tint brush from a pharmacy rather than the one that comes with the product for more professional result.
. Rinse on the recommended development time.

. Choose the bright blondes if you're naturally dark
. Don't bring the colour through every time, only touch up what needs to be done.
. Don't use Semi permanent on grey hair- it won't take.
. If you're a brunette, don't choose Dark Brown, It's Black.
. Don't miss anywhere, especially around the hair line.
. Don't over -lap if touching up re growth.