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"The Perfect Ten" - 10 things Every Woman should have in her wardrobe

Thursday, 26 February 2009

We can buy clothes until the cows come home, picking up bits and pieces on impulse and never piecing together outfits and essentials- as we head in to Spring Summer, now is a great time for viewers to do give their wardrobe a spring clean, clear out all the junk and create a fresh, wearable basic palette from which to work.

Sonya Lennon:- She's off the rails!
Sonya Lennon is widely regarded as one of Ireland's top fashion stylists, having established a reputation for creative excellence over almost twenty years. Her work is distinguished by a meticulous attention to detail for fashion and styling and intuitive awareness of the demands of each production.
Coupled with Sonya's reputation in the fashion industry, she is fast being recognized as a leading Costume Designer in Film and more recently Theatre.
Her styling and editorial work is clearly recognisable by the continuous use of narrative as a key creative tool in the development and creation of original fashion stories for Irish and international publications. Her reputation and experience has enabled her to not only manage the fashion and styling for many of her clients but to art direct, conceive and produce all aspects of the fashion stories - this alone marks her out as being unique amongst her peers.
While her editorial work reflects the cutting edge of her practice her portfolio of work has broadened to include costume for television, costume design for film and stage, styling for advertising and production for fashion shows. Since its beginning, Sonya has been a regular contributor to RTÉ's Off the Rails, and is delighted to be presenting the newly formatted series with co-presenter Brendan Courtney.
"Fashions fade, style is eternal." - Yves Saint Laurent

How often have you opened your wardrobe doors only to see that nothing is inspiring enough to wear? If you've found yourself thinking this more often than not, you most likely have a dysfunctional closet. Ten key pieces will allow you to transform your wardrobe from a junk scrap yard of clothes into a treasure trove of forgotten gems. Using ten staples, you can transform one outfit into another simply and suddenly find that your wardrobe is functional once more.

"The perfect ten" will be like medicine to your sick wardrobe, opening a wealth of options to create a myriad of outfit choices. Whilst we all think that picking up inexpensive bargains is exhilarating, true wardrobe happiness can be found when well - fitting, well tailored clothes work into your daily style routine. So we should all stop and think the next time we're opting for the bargain basement trends of today and check if our Euro may well be better spent on a classic "perfect ten" piece that will transcend the seasons to become a wardrobe staple

"The difference between style and fashion is quality." - Giorgio Armani

Top Ten items for your Wardrobe:-

1. Trench Coat

A really good trench or light coat, preferably with a belt.
Don't feel you need to buy this in classic beige. The colour doesn't suit everyone and isn't the only way to go. If you want to turn a classic piece on it's head go for a bright colour, burnt orange, cornflower blue or even white.

If these sound undoable, navy is always a good option.

This light coat will be a great friend to you. It's less about the practicality of being warm and more about being able to give a smart and finished look to a basic outfit.
You will feel fully dressed with this flattering garment. Pull the belt to the back and cinch in to reveal only the centre third of your body, and people will not register the bits that they can't see. Instant body sculpting.

2. Sunglasses.

I never go anywhere without sunglasses. Spend time finding a shape that suit your face.
The glamour quotient is directly related to size so as they say in McDonalds 'Go Large'. They don't have to be expensive, as ever, the High Street Stores are doing great versions of the heavy hitters.

3. Smart Trousers

A smart pair of wide leg trousers, depending on how tall you are, and your body proportions, are a great basic. I've included them in denim because I think a lot of us have misconceptions about denim and consider it to be sloppy casual wear. Not any more, smart cut denim is a great building block and in indigo dye, for a modern stylish wardrobe.

4. Feel Good Brights.

Hot colour has an amazing and instantaneous effect on your mood. From exotic sallow complexions to the palest beauty everyone has a bright colour to suit them.
I have whole spectrum of tops that do this job, my favourite being a hot pink silk top that makes me think of India.

5. Day to Night Dress
This is the basic piece for every style queen. Get this right and the price per wear index will fall to nothing! So many of these lists say every woman needs a Little Black Dress. I disagree, it can be black but it doesn't have to be. Try navy, you will be pleasantly surprised. Keep it simple to ensure enduring value and usage.

6. Cashmere Jumper.
Anyone who never experienced cashmere is missing out on one of life's most simple pleasures. It used to be the preserve of the rich but, again, thanks to the high street chains, it is know completely accessible. I love a slouchy style with a V Neck in a soft tone. You just feel comforted when you wear it. It's a sartorial hug.

7. Flat Pumps
I'm the world's greatest high heel fan. But even I have a collection of flat leather pumps. Team with your Day to Night Dress or cropped trousers and your Cashmere V Neck (don't forget those sunglasses!) and imagine yourself as Jackie O.

8. Sheer blouse
The blouse has made an incredible comeback to fashion land and not without good cause. Way back to the Victorians, an embellished blouse gave silhouette and femininity in equal measure. The 1970's saw small screen icons like Mary Tyler Moore and Candice Bergin master the art of a good blouse.
Go sheer and layer with delicate camisoles to give a wonderfully sexy yet demure look.
9. Pencil Skirt
You must, must, must own one of these. Again, don't feel you have to go for black,
If you have the nerve try oatmeal tones, if not try navy brown or grey, much softer alternatives to the demon black.

10. Statement jewellery.
Some of the most stylist people I know wear the largest jewellery. Accessorising can be daunting but once you've got the basics in place it is the icing on the cake.

Look 1:- Trench Coat & Pumps
Coral Trench Coat, Benetton.
Striped silk top, €59, Principles
Beige Jodhpurs, €199, Fran&Jane
Navy pumps, €130, Arnotts

Look 2:-
Beige Trench, €97, Warehouse
White vest, €47, Benetton
Grey cashmere cardigan, €45, M&S
Jeans, €61, TopShop
Court Shoes, €89, Principles
Sunglasses, €14.50, M&S

Look 3:- Day to night dress & Statement Jewellery
Blue dress, €59, Mango
Navy Cardigan, €39, Mango
Brown pumps, €76, Arnotts
Wooden Necklaces, €24, House of Fraser

Look 4:- Day to Night Dress
..... to night

Dress as before
Ring, €17.75, House of Fraser
Shoes, €84, TopShop
Sunglasses, €7.75 M&S

Look 5:-Feel good brights & Pencil Skirt

Silk ruffle blouse, €59, Mango
Navy skirt, €59, Principles
Royal Jacket, TopShop, €84.00
Shoes, River Island, €80.50

Look 6:- Cashmere Jumper

Chiffon top, House of Fraser, €113.00
Coral cashmere, M&S, €75.00
Jeans, Benetton, €89.00
Navy pumps, River Island, €33.50