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Week Two of De-cluttering - Office

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Spring is in the air and with spring comes cleaning!!

We have a de-cluttering expert on board who will be tackling a room over run with clutter in six viewer's homes. By doing this we will be showing our viewers how to restore order to each room with a few simple steps and some very clever storage solutions. We will de-clutter various rooms in a home e.g adult's bedroom, a kid's bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, a hall and a shed/garage.

We meet the Reynolds family who moved to Ireland last May from London. They have a one year old son called Cian.

Dear The Afternoon Show,

When I heard your feature about contacting yourselves to help organise a room, I felt my prayers had been answered.

We moved to Limerick last May with a young baby who is now one and we still have two dormer bedrooms full of clutter.

I just never seem to be able to sort it out. My baby Cian is gorgeous but like all one year olds, a real hand full. My husband works really long hours so does not have the opportunity to tackle the problem either.

Ideally, we would like the room you sort out to be a guest bedroom/office space. We have family visiting from the UK at Easter, but also need a quiet, organised space to deal with our paperwork .

It seems like such a mammoth task that I don't know where to begin and would love some advice about attractive storage solutions and how to organise myself better.

We would so appreciate your help and hope you will consider helping to tackle our mess.

Many thanks - Georgina Reynolds.

How do you make a spare room out of a home office?

1. You should cater for the everyday home office and install minimum furniture for use as a spare bedroom. So in this case a sofa bed with a chest to store bed clothes or use as a coffee table is sufficient and of course an organised office.

Atlantic Homecare - Mexican Blanket Box. 89.99

2. Everyone that runs a home has an 'Office' as such. This results in paperwork. How do you deal with your paperwork? Paperwork can be Personal, Business or Home. So 3 Files is a must. Store bulky important documents in a box file, ie Insurance Documents, Passports, Current Instructions Books etc.

Acco Personal File charcoal. €30
This is a 'must' in any organized office.

B & Q
3 leather faux boxes €61.45
Everyone needs to store important bulky documents and photos.

Is there any way of minimising your paperwork?

3. Go on-line banking or pay by direct debit.

4. Think twice before printing.

5. Recycle magazines, little notes to yourself, old phone books, old magazine articles etc

Now you know that the spare room is set up, you have your filing system in place, a working recycling system, you now need a good desk.

IKEA - P.243
Vika Gruvan Table Top £58.72
Vika Annefors Table Leg £24.27 x 2

6. Not everyone has a home office, find a place in your home, under the staircase, landing or take a press in the kitchen. There is no excuse with a neat laptop and a few files. Keep all your paperwork in one place. The next storage solution is ideal as a mobile office if you do not have dedicated room. It can also be used in the office under your desk.

B & Q
5 drawer storage unit. €28.10.
This is a practical bright office unit that can be zoomed in under the desk.

IKEA - p.238 Signum Cable Trunking Horizontal £9.78. Powder-coated steel.
A very clever way of hiding all the wires and plugs necessary for computers etc

IKEA - p.238 Effektiv drawer insert with 5 compartments £6.84.
Can be cut to fit any drawer.

Extra Tips for the item to include where possible and if time allows
7. Buy a note book and make a to-do list everyday.
8. Deal with your post immediately.
9. Keep a folder for documents that require immediate attention.
With all of the above tips it will increase your productivity and creativity.