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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Fair City Tuesday 8pm RTE One

This Week: Bob doesn't trust Renee to lodge the day's takings from McCoy's in the bank but she persuades him round because she has to run an errand on the same street as that bank. Renee offers all the money to Turlough, if he will resume communication with Floyd for her. Turlough declines and sends her away.
Cliodhna answers the door to a youngster called Gloria who is looking for Ringo but refuses to leave a message. Gloria goes to the hospital where Ringo works as a nurse and sees him for the first time. Gloria breaks the news to Ringo that he is her father. Ringo crunches the dates and realises she may be telling the truth. Ringo has a heart to heart with Cliodhna about his ex-girlfriend, Linda Leahy, Gloria's mother. He announces that Gloria and Linda will be calling over that evening, much to Cliodhna's horror. Gloria turns up without her mother however, declaring that Linda is dead.

Louie argues with Yvonne over an expensive launch for the Hungry Pig that she has organised. Yvonne bribes the launch photographer to keep only photographs of her, on her own. Louie finds out about the bribe and doubles it if the photographer will exclude all shots of Yvonne. Carol, Christy and Malachy revise their wish-list to be more manageable. Malachy decides he wants all three of them to run the marathon. Carol tries to call his bluff with a suggestion to go bungee jumping but ends up in further trouble.

Bob discovers no bank lodgement has been made. He confronts Turlough, to no avail. Renee comes home and tells Bob she slept with Turlough, hence Floyd stopped communicating with Turlough and she offered him the money in an attempt to make amends. Bob goes to front of house in McCoy's announces that Renee has made a confession of infidelity and asks everyone to leave.

Eastenders Tuesday 7:30pm RTE One

The Truemans' gather for pancakes and the conversation soon turns to the family history, but not everyone is willing to share. The mystery surrounding Theo appears to be lifting - or is it? Meanwhile, he is still pursuing Patrick but just what is he after? Lucas and Patrick are still at loggerheads over Lucas' wife Trina and Patrick receives an important letter in the post leading Denise to worry how he will react.

At the Truemans', Patrick arrives home from work to find Lucas waiting for him. He tells Lucas that he wants to talk to him. Patrick calls Lucas a hypocrite and warns that he is not prepared to see Denise get hurt. Later, when Denise returns she cautiously enquires as to whether Patrick has opened the post. When Patrick has gone, Denise reveals to Lucas that a letter from Yolande has arrived. Lucas senses Denise's mood and Denise frets over her earlier response to Patrick. Patrick walks in, and Denise is surprised to see that he appears happy.

Patrick presses Lucas about when he will talk to Denise about his past but Lucas rebuffs him sharply. Patrick warns Lucas that he will not allow Denise to walk down the aisle whilst still unaware of Lucas' marital status.

At Booty, Theo arrives to see Chelsea. He tells her that he wants to talk and the two head off to the cafe. Brightly, Chelsea asks Theo what he wants to discuss. Mysterious, Theo replies that it is her landlord, Patrick Trueman. Chelsea is intrigued. Theo tells Chelsea that he is researching the Notting Hill riots. He confides that he wants to talk to Patrick as part of that research. Theo persuades Chelsea to talk to Patrick for him. Theo and Chelsea pour through press cuttings of the Notting Hill riots. Theo is quietly appalled at Chelsea's lack of knowledge about the events. Theo's mobile phone rings. Hurriedly he announces that it's a business call, and he excuses himself to answer it outside. Left with the press cuttings, Chelsea begins to read intently and she sees one which shocks her. Meanwhile, in Bridge Street, Theo informs the caller that he is working on Chelsea now. "Not the brightest star in the sky" he comments slyly, "but there's a bit of a twinkle". Chelsea soon makes her excuses and leaves when Denise comes looking for her.

Back at the Truemans', Chelsea confides in Lucas that she believes Theo is not telling the whole truth. She shows Lucas the photocopied clipping she found when Theo was answering his phone. The article has a picture of a 20-something Patrick and states he has been convicted of assault. Lucas is astonished. "Wow" he says simply. Lucas has glimpsed a way out of his tight spot with Patrick.

Later, as the family enjoy their pancakes, Patrick reminisces about his early days in England. Denise chimes in, mentioning the carnival. Lucas comments that Patrick would have been living in Notting Hill around the time of the riots. Patrick insists that he just kept his head down. After much coaxing, Patrick talks of seeing the acronym "KBW" ('Keep Britain White') for the first time. Patrick continues to regale the group with the tale of a racist barman who refused to serve black people, but then got his comeuppance when a joint was sneaked into his pocket, and a tip off caused him to lose his licence. Serious now, Patrick reminds them that they should always stand up to ignorance. However Lucas then gets jumpy and rises suspicions in Patrick.

As Denise heads out to wash the dishes, and before Lucas can leave to pick up Jordan (who is at youth club), Patrick faces off against Lucas again, implying that he knows something that he shouldn't . Lucas suggests that he will stop lying about his past when Patrick stops lying about his.

Coronation Street Wednesday 8:30pm TV3

This Week: Ken is almost caught out when Deirdre innocently asks Ted if he enjoyed the play. Never one to be slow on the uptake Ted goes along with Ken's lies but when Deirdre leaves the café he tackles Ken about what is really going on with him and Martha. Later Ken is surprised and a little embarrassed when he arrives at Martha's to find Ted already there. Ted makes it clear that he knows Ken has feelings for Martha and suggests he get things sorted out.

Tony is less than impressed with Luke's soft management style, which even extends to making cups of tea for the staff. But Luke knows that he can find out a lot of information from the workers and realizes that he really starting to get under Tony's skin. Joe receives a brochure through the post from Len detailing the flats development and containing a contract for the kitchen fitting. Joe is sorely tempted to accept the deal and when Tina tells him she is not happy about him taking handouts from Gail he makes it clear he isn't happy about her standing up in court and telling a pack of lies.

Liz and Lloyd head off for a brewery do leaving Becky in charge - things are going well until a coach party arrives and she finds herself stretched to the limit. When a fed up Kelly starts helping herself to drinks Becky sees red and Liz and Lloyd return just in time to find Becky throwing Kelly out onto the street. Elsewhere Rita shows Eileen the pendant Colin has bought her for her birthday.

Emmerdale Tuesday 7pm TV3

This Week: Marlon informs Betty that Sandy is back in the UK and, shocked, she heads straight over to Mulberry to find out more. A guilty Doug reveals that Sandy is indeed back and living with another woman. Betty fumes at the unexpected development and demands that Doug give her Sandy's address. Ashley and Laurel are disturbed to hear of Marlon's involvement and after speaking to a distressed Sandy, Laurel suspects her father-in-law may know where Jasmine is. Knowing they have to be sure Ashley and Laurel decide to head to Scotland themselves. Meanwhile, Marlon and Eli do their best to convince Betty to visit Sandy but she storms out, accidentally leaving his address on a table. As Marlon and Eli race out of the village they are hotly pursued by a worried Laurel and Ashley. Who will reach Sandy first?

Elsewhere, Jimmy persuades a reluctant Edna to talk with Scarlett who seems to be worrying about her relationship. Edna takes Scarlett to the café where they are joined by Lily. Scarlett is upset that Daz seems uninterested in her now he has the farm. Lily and Edna both advise Scarlett on how to grab Daz's attention: namely some romance or a nice meal. However, Scarlett refuses to pander to Daz and decides to go it alone. Is their young relationship as good as over?

Also, Leyla starts to worry that David still has feelings for Nicola. Leyla shares her concerns with Lily who is angry on her friend's behalf. Taking issue with David, Lily warns him not to mess Leyla about. David reacts angrily to being read the riot act and dumps Leyla in the pub. Leyla is devastated but a watching Rodney tells her that a beautiful woman can do so much better. Does Leyla have a new admirer?