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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Tomorrow night, 25th, sees the crunch episode where Renee makes a heart breaking confession to Bob. What will that be? Whatever it is, it proves to be cataclysmic; but will it prove to be destructive to their relationship or can the lovers kiss, make-up and move on?

Central characters to the plot are Renee and Bob aka as actors Una Crawford-O'Brien and Bryan Murray. Una has been in the soap since 1998 and Bob's character has been in Fair City since 2005.

What's been happening so far:-

In the lead up to the episodes, Renee has fallen hook line and sinker for the baloney meted out to her by Turlough, a new acquaintance who moved to Carrigstown in early January, because his sister Una lives there and he's a bit of a drifter, and a self-styled healer (or con-man?) home from India. At Una's request, Turlough sits in with Ray who's in a coma and when Ray wakes, Turlough takes the credit.

Renee becomes dependent on Turlough's supposed 'channelling' of her dead son Floyd. Bob is deeply sceptical the whole time and asks Heather and Brendan for help in ridding Carrigstown of Turlough, and he is shattered because he suspects Renee is losing her mind. He ends up forgiving Renee but we need not reveal that. We can take it from the point of her infidelity with Turlough, which by the way only happens because she is incredibly vulnerable. Women can be extremely vulnerable at certain times and we don't blame Renee for her infidelity!!! Its only comfort she is seeking and there hasn't been a sexual or romantic element to their relationship.. before now.