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Monday, 9 February 2009

Fair City - Tuesday 8pm RTE One

This Week: Bob calls Renee on withdrawing the 5,000 from their joint account. Bob says he's going to reclaim the money from Turlough. Bob threatens Turlough that he will expose him as a fraudster. Una gets offended on Turlough's behalf. Things between Renee and Bob remain fractious. Sean, who has moved back into Cassidy's from Paul's, confides in Niamh that he hates having Turlough around as a temporary room-mate.

Ringo and Cliodhna have just moved into a place in Carrigstown together but domestic bliss is short-lived as Cliodhna is driven demented by Ringo's drum practise. Cliodhna Norris is the sister of Una and Turlough but her relationship with her brother is tense as she suspects him of being mercenary and manipulative.

Ray complains to Ringo that he's going stir crazy in hospital and then finds out he is due to be discharged. Ray lies to Ringo and a visiting social worker that his son Mondo will be taking care of him once he is discharged. Keith, in genuine concern for Ray, tells the doctors that Ray has been less than honest with them so Ray winds up back at square one, in hospital. Ray hatches a plan to escape but Ringo catches him and gives him a good talking to.

Louie noses around Phelan's shop, questioning Christy who does not at first suspect that Louie may be planning new acquisitions to his empire. Louie and Yvonne start flirting for real. Yvonne tries to coax more of Louie's private life from him but gets nowhere. Geraldine tells Yvonne she has another job interview. Geraldine tells Louie Owen has had a fall at school, to cover her absence for the interview.

Eastenders - Monday 7:30pm RTE One

This Week: Monday 9th February 2009
Minty is shocked to discover that Garry has received a job offer, is he about to leave Walford? Minty insults Heather about her appearance. Garry is desperate to secure his future with Dawn and decides to take control of the situation. Bianca agonises over when to tell Ricky about Tiffany's paternity.
Garry's mum Hazel has rung. She wants to know if Garry has applied for the job on the cruise ship that they discussed a few weeks ago. Minty can't believe that Garry would go behind his back or leave Walford without him. News travels round the Square that Garry maybe leaving; Dawn and Minty are worried. Later it is revealed that Garry is turning the job down, which is a huge relief to Minty. Garry decides to talk to Dawn about their possible future together and he's pleased when she responds positively. Garry is filled with hope but it soon becomes clear that the future Dawn envisages is for them as really good friends. Garry is deflated and awkwardly tells Dawn that he sees a future for them as a family. Dawn can't help but giggle at how serious Garry is being and makes an excuse to take Summer for a walk. Garry is left wondering just how he can get through to Dawn.
Shirley is surprised to find Heather slumped in a chair in the flat, still wearing her dressing gown. Heather tells Shirley that she is heartbroken as Minty had been teasing her "that she is not a real woman". Shirley is furious and goes on the wall path and finds Minty in the café and says; "She'll hear them words in her head till the day she kicks the bucket". Minty is shocked and goes to find Heather to apologise but she wants nothing to do with him, Minty pleads desperately to make amends.

Garry bumps into Heather in the launderette and awkwardly asks her advice about how to talk to Dawn about his feelings for her. Heather's advice is to take control and be a man which helps Garry feel more confident and focused. Garry later tells Dawn that he is taking her out for dinner at the Argee Bhargee and she can't say no! When they finally arrive, Garry can't believe that Minty and Heather and Ricky and Bianca are also there! Minty has brought Heather there to apologise for the way he spoke to her earlier that day. Heather tries to reassure Minty that she's moved on, that it's all fine, and that she's not in love with him anymore. Minty gets the wrong idea, thinking she's coming onto him. It all leaves her feeling even more awkward. He leaves again Heather is left humiliated. Heather heads back to the flat and Shirley is there to console her. Heather's eyes fall on a magazine which Shirley is reading showing a picture of George Michael's house. Shirley reveals that a friend of hers used to work at the house next door to the one pictured, and she knows exactly where it is. "How about you and me go and have a nose, eh?"

Garry tells Dawn that it is about time someone looked after her. Dawn agrees and tells Garry she's so happy she found her perfect man. Thinking she means him, he signals to the waiter. But then he realises that Dawn was talking about Jase. Too late - before Garry can stop the waiters, Dawn clocks them heading over with a pair of cocktails and takes one excitedly. Realising that there is something in her glass, Dawn fishes out the diamond ring! Mortified, Garry can't back out of his plan. He is forced to get down on one knee and propose and says: "Thought I'd give you one more chance!" Garry's proposal comes out arrogantly and not as he had initially planned. Hurt and exasperated, Dawn sets him straight, "It's not going to happen, ever." Dawn runs out of the restaurant and Garry chases after her and stumbles into the Square, clutching the railings for support. He is stunned that any possibility of a relationship with Dawn is now completely over and his eyes fill with tears at the realisation.

Bianca and Ricky are in the other corner of Argee Bhargee where Bianca has brought Ricky to tell him the truth. Earlier that day at Pat's house, Bianca scribbled down some notes to help prompt her on how to tell Ricky that he may indeed be Tiffany's father. The conversation turns to Whitney and Tiffany. Ricky expresses concern about Whitney's time off school, and talks fondly of Tiffany. "She's a little diamond, ain't she?" Bianca knows that this is her chance to raise the subject of Tiffany's paternity. Ricky leans closer, turning on his charm, but Bianca loses her nerve and heads for the toilets instead. Ricky becomes angry and hurt by Bianca's strange mood and goes to leave. Bianca calls out to him in the Square; "Ricky! Don't walk away from me". There is an edge of desperation to her voice but Ricky turns and leaves Bianca standing alone. When Ricky gets back to the house he finds Tiffany sitting on the stairs in her pyjamas. She gives Ricky a collage that she has made for him and he is really touched. Ricky catches sight of some hand written notes on the back of the picture and removes them to read. It is in Bianca's handwriting and about the paternity situation. Ricky sends Tiffany up to bed he sits on the stairs in shock and slowly reads the words again; "Ricky. I have to tell you, I think you may be Tiffany's dad."

Coronation Street - Monday 8:30pm TV3

Tony (Gray O'Brien) sits alone in a darkened flat, the place has been completely trashed but has no desire to sort out the flat or himself. The factory girls are concerned when they arrive to find Underworld locked up and no sign of Tony and Carla. When Maria (Samia Smith) arrives and tells them what she saw the previous evening Julie (Katy Cavanagh) decides to go to the flat and see what is going on. She is shocked when she finds a bloodied Tony at the flat and when she asks after Carla he slams the door in her face.

Gary (Mikey North) and Tina(Michelle Keegan) have an awkward exchange over the garden fence. Tina thinks that Gary is just being nice so she'll change her statement and when David (Jack P Shepherd) comes into the garden he is furious at Gary who accuses him of controlling Tina. Later Tina tells David that he has put her in a very difficult position and if he really loved her he wouldn't ask her to lie for him. The enormity of the problems he is causing for her hit home when she finds herself alone and being threatened in the kebab shop by Len (Conor Ryan).

Kevin (Michael Le Vell) is worried about Sophie's (Brooke Vincent) date with Ben (Lucien Laviscount) but Sally (Sally Whittaker) reassures him that he is a nice boy. Rosie (Helen Flanagan) helps Sophie get ready and for once the girls put their past arguments behind them and enjoy being sisters.

Elsewhere Martha (Stephanie Beacham) presents Ken (William Roache) with a beautiful gift, will he come clean about Deirdre?

Emmerdale - Monday 7pm TV3

This Week: Episode Summary - Annie and Diane return to bury Jack

Diane (Elizabeth Estensen) returns to the village with Annie (Sheila Mercier) who regrets that her arrival coincides with such a sad event. Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) is eager to seek reassurances from Annie that Jack hadn't forgotten about her and receives peace of mind when Annie begins reminiscing. The family are relieved when Turner (Richard Thorp) agrees to help organise Jack's funeral. Annie is alarmed to hear that Andy (Kelvin Fletcher) is having doubts over whether to attend but Daz (Luke Tittensor) determines that he'll be there. Diane urges Ashley (John Middleton) to keep the tone informal as that would suit Jack. Later Diane takes Victoria and Daz to Butlers to search for Andy but there's no sign. As Diane is also unable to reach Robert Victoria is infuriated with the selfishness shown by her brothers and is bitter towards Diane that nobody was with Jack when he died. Caught up in the emotion Diane retorts that she wishes things could have been different but she still loved Jack. However, Victoria can't hide her resentment and states that the Sugdens aren't a proper family anymore. Will everything come together on the day of Jack's funeral?

Also, Chas (Lucy Pargeter) tells off Paddy (Dominic Brunt) for continuing to ignore Marlon (Mark Charnock). Realising Marlon needs his support, Paddy heads to Tall Trees with some beers. As both begin to get drunk Marlon insists he's over Donna but Paddy doesn't believe him. As he's pouring his heart out there is a knock at the door and Eli (Joseph Gilgun) enters. After admitting that he's been thrown out of Tug Ghyll and abandoned by the other Dingles, Eli pledges to devote all of his time to supporting Marlon. But will he inadvertently make things worse for his brother?

. Zak changes the locks on Tug Ghyll and kicks Eli out, insisting Debbie wants him out of her house and life for good
. Nicola warns Jimmy to keep quite about their tryst, but agrees to be friends
. David worries that although he enjoys spending time with Leyla he can't shake his feelings for Nicola
. Lee asks Natasha to think about him for the gamekeepers job