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Soaps Monday 2nd Feb

Monday, 2 February 2009

Fair City Tuesday 8pm RTE One

This Week: Louie gives a pep talk to staff including Cleo and Dean prior to the opening of The Hungry Pig but Geraldine and Yvonne are underwhelmed. Yvonne makes Geraldine look bad to Louie but Cleo clocks what's happening. Geraldine is impressed with Louie's behaviour towards her young son, Owen. Louie breaks the news that he plans to hire a manager as his 'eyes and ears'. He also offers to buy Geraldine out. Cleo advises Geraldine to get the hell out while she still can.

Renee's apology - for offering Turlough money - is rejected and he revels in the moral high ground. Renee and Bob argue over Turlough again. Renee confides her distress to Christy. Christy tells Bob he's worried about Renee's mental health.

Ali tells Carol she's wasting her time studying Irish and bets her she'll have quit Irish classes after a month. Ali suspects Kylie disapproves of Daithi, but there's more to it than that. Ali happens on Daithi flirting with Kylie at the community centre. Ali begins to wonder if he's avoiding her. Kylie insists Daithi clear the air with Ali before she will have anything more to do with him.

Bela admits to Christy that Charlie asked him to mind a valuable vase first - while Charlie's in Canada - but that he declined, figuring Christy would have better insurance what with the shop and all. Christy gives Carol grief about her smoking habit

Eastenders Monday 7:30pm RTE One

This Week: Darren has his eye on a business opportunity at the car lot, but he's not the only one. Food and cross words fly as Zainab and Jane vie for kitchen space. Peggy has a surprise for Archie while Ronnie is in a quandary as Danielle's final appointment nears. Bradley is determined to get Gumbo off his hands.

At her desk in R&R, Ronnie is struggling to concentrate as her thoughts are interrupted by a knock at the door. Danielle appears, pretending to be interested in waitressing work. Ronnie goes to leave but Danielle stops her, "Because I did like you said," she blurts. "You booked an abortion?" Ronnie doesn't know what to do, uneasy at being saddled with this new responsibility. She tells Danielle that it's her decision, "If it's. what you want.just.tell Stacey to.look after you." Danielle admits that Stacey doesn't even know; she's going alone. Later, Ronnie catches Jack heading away from the club. He tells her not worry about Janine, he has dealt with it. She isn't interested, she has other things on her mind. Back at the Slaters', a miserable Danielle is making herself a cup of tea. Ronnie enters tentatively, confessing that she has been sitting thinking, at home. She urges Danielle not to go to her appointment alone but Danielle replies that she doesn't know who to ask. Ronnie hesitates. "You could" she says leaving Danielle shocked.

At Phil's house, Bradley is grumpy after losing his bed to Gumbo. Seeing him about to head out, Max offers to walk with him. Bradley replies that he and Gumbo are going to a dog show. "Selling him, giving him away if I have to" he tells a surprised Max. Bradley continues, "He eats like a horse, he needs a garden, he needs two walks minimum.." reeling off his list of his Gumbo woes. "I'm getting rid of him" he insists. "Even if I have to pay someone to take him."

Masood and Zainab hurry worriedly out of the unit. When they've gone, Jane and Christian hurry inside carrying bags of shopping. Jane and Christian replace the pots on the stove with their own, and remove trays of Masood's pastries from the oven. "I knew it," Zainab's voice breaks in defiantly behind them, fuming. An argument breaks out over kitchen space as Masood tries to explain that they have a function to cook for tomorrow night, Jane counters, "we have one tomorrow afternoon!" Zainab drops a bag of Jane's shopping on the floor and an all-out food fight ensues. Zainab, Christian, and Jane pelt each other with their rival's food. Only Masood hangs back, trying desperately to avoid being hit. Just as he manages to bundle Zainab out the door, a pastry hits Masood smack in the forehead and it slithers down his cheek. Later, Masood returns waving a white flag with Zainab not far behind, "If we can just deal with this like grown-ups." he implores. Thinking Zainab is about to enter, Jane takes aim at the door and throws a pie. But it is Peter who enters and the pie hits him squarely in the chest. There is silence, but the room soon descends into laughter. Peter takes control of the messy situation, suggesting that the businesses draw up a rota and stick to it.

Coronation Street Monday 8:30pm TV3

This Week: Carla is dreading Tony's return from his business trip after her visit to see Jed Stone and she is snappy with Rosie when she unwittingly thwarts her attempts to speak to Maria. When Carla eventually visits Maria to try and make amends she is disturbed by Maria's claims that Tony paid a heavy to run Liam over. Secretly wondering if it is true she tells Leanne that she isn't sure she knows who Tony is anymore. When Tony finally does return she admits that she has seen Jed and asks Tony if he knows anything about the marks around his neck.

Len is gloating about David's injuries but Anna reprimands him as she is worried about what is going to happen to Gary. David is pleased that Tina agreed to tell the police that Gary threw the first punch but Tina is already feeling uneasy about the lie, especially when Gail makes it clear how comforted she is that Tina witnessed everything. Meanwhile Gary tries to convince Len that Tina is lying about what happened. Len says he will have a 'word' with her.

Janice's friends are incredulous when she tells that that she has been thinking about training as a nurse - she insists that she has changed and Vicki tells her that if it what she wants she should go for it. Rosie is enjoying making Sophie feel uncomfortable by teasing her about her crush on the swimming captain Ben. Elsewhere Ken and Martha's friendship blossoms as they share their love of language but he still hasn't told her he is married.

Tony puts on a great act with Carla denying any involvement in Jed's injuries. He insists that he found Jed trying to commit suicide and saved him but the guilt at pushing someone to those lengths promoted him to re-house the pensioner. Carla is not sure but with no evidence to the contrary has to believe Tony. Once he's left her though Tony calls Jimmy and asks him to put the frighteners on the old man which Jimmy duly does. Unaware of what has gone on Carla can't help a creeping feeling of unease when she overhears Emily telling Rita that Jed has been rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack.

Ros na Run Tues and Thurs 8:30pm TG4

This Week: This week in Ros na Rún, Mícheál is still in a critical condition after his horrific car crash. Vince, who was drink driving when he ran Mícheál's car off the road, thinks that he is responsible for Mícheál's terrible injuries and is wracked with guilt after fleeing the scene in a panic!

Little does Vince know, Tadhg, who is being hailed as a hero, is the one who should be feeling guilty! On the night of the crash, Tadhg was following Vince. The jealous publican found the perfect opportunity to get revenge on his love rival Mícheál when he came across the burning car! After attacking Mícheál with a crowbar, Tahdg planned to leave Mícheál for dead in the blazing car when he realised little Réaltín was in the back seat. Once Réaltín was safely removed from the car, Tadhg had a change of heart and rescued Mícheál from the blazing car just in time!

Despite Tadhg's false account of events, Sergeant Úna is confident that her team of detectives will soon piece together exactly what happened the night of the crash! Worried the truth will come out, Tadhg convinces Vince to change his tyres before the Gardaí come knocking on his door! Will the Gardaí uncover the truth about the terrible crash or will villain Tadhg get away with murder?

Thursday: As poor Mícheál's condition continues to deteriorate, his nearest and dearest struggle to cope with the prospect that he may not pull through. Séamus, Mícheál's best friend, refuses to visit the hospital and drowns his sorrows in Tigh Tadhg. Meanwhile, the Ó Conghaile family are refusing to allow Mícheál's lover Bríd to see him, claiming visits are restricted to family only! When Frances arrives at the hospital, she is horrified at the injustice and insists that as Mícheál's fiancée, Bríd has every right to see him! Frances wrongly thinks Bríd and Mícheál are engaged ever since she saw Mícheál present Bríd with an expensive ring, when the reality is that Mícheál was replacing Bríd's jewellery that Réaltín flushed down the toilet! Rather than explain that Frances has the wrong end of the stick about her relationship with Mícheál, Bríd makes the most of the opportunity to see Mícheál while Berni, Máire and Sarah pick their jaws up off the floor!