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Beauty Best Buys for '09 Body Lotions With Suzanne Walshe

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

We've put some inexpensive beauty products to the test where it matters- out on the street with the real people of Ireland. Today we find out how they got on and get tip top advice on looking after your most precious outer layer - your skin - this Winter.

Suzanne Walsh- Beauty Therapist Extraordinaire and Queen of the Road test!
Suzanne has been the resident beauty expert on The Afternoon Show since season 1 and continues to give expert advice to the show's viewers on a regular basis. Suzanne is also proprietor of two salons in Co. Kildare, in both Clane and Prosperous

Why should we use a body lotion?
Using body lotion will replace moisture lost in the daily grind. It makes our skin feel smooth & supple and some of us prefer the subtle fragrance of a body lotion as opposed to the strong fragrance of a perfume.

What can cause dry skin?
There are many causes of dry skin but some of the more common ones are:-
Dry Air from Air conditioning & heating units
Long, Hot Showers & Baths
Itchy Clothing/fabrics
Medication or Medical problems and
Your shower/bath water (Visual:- Water softening unit - size of picnic box- & shower filter fitting)
It could be that the water in which you are washing is causing your skin to dry out.

There are in fact two different types of water; hard and soft. If you find that your skin continues to be dry even after all the work you put into it, the problem may lie in the fact that you have hard water and it is helping to keep your skin dry.

Water that is considered to be hard means the water contains a large amount of calcium, magnesium, and iron deposits. If you notice your shower or tub slowly but constantly building up deposits, such as rust, soap scum, and lime, you probably have hard water.

Washing in hard water means even with good products meant to help your dry skin, you still have to fight to get your skin in the condition you want it to be.

Soft water means there are fewer deposits in the water, giving your soap better lathering power and making it much easier to wash off, freeing your skin of excess soap after you towel off and giving you a better chance at softer, more moisturized skin.

What are the key ingredients we should look for in a body lotion?
Look for natural ingredients and try and avoid Lanolin and petroleum based products as they can cause irritation. Ideal moisture bases aloe vera, natural oils

Are there any ingredients in expensive body lotions that aren't in the more reasonably priced ones?
Yes the more expensive products do contain more active ingredients plus the price indicates the quality & amount of essential oils used.

How often should we apply body lotion?
Every day ideally after showering or bathing when the skin is damp.

Do Body Lotions have a 'best before' date?
Yes the bottle should indicate when the product is out of date, it's not advisable to use the product after this date.

Ok, so money aside- if you had no money worries whatsoever, and could choose any body lotion you like, which one would you buy, and why?
I love Dermalogica's Body Hydrating Cream €47

This is an advanced body cream formula with hydroxy acids and essential plant oils to smooth and condition the skin. Hydroxy acids from sugar cane and apple,combined with Lactic acid smooth and relieve dry skin. The anti inflammatory properties of Green Tea, Lavender, Tea tree and chammoile oils soothe and soften the skin while the essential oils of sandalwood orange clary sage patchoulu and rosemary help to hydrate the skin and lock in moisrture. Contains no artifical fragrance or colour.

And if you have problem skin, (perhaps sensitive skin) what would you recommend?
Suzanne recommends adding natural aloe vera to either your regular body lotion or perhaps to natural yoghurt. Manuka Honey applied topically to the skin is also a fantastic, healing solution. Again, this can either be added to your existing lotion or mixed with natural yoghurt.

How did each of our four products fare out on the road?
Body lotions

1. Dove Silk Glow, 250ml, €5.34
The general consensus was that this lotion absorbed very well and didn't feel greasy on the skin. It was well received and the brand well identified.

2. Johnson's 24 hr Moisture, 250ml, €4.08
Certainly the one most women identified with as they associated the smell with babies and feeling safe & looked after.

3. Neutrogena Everyday Repair, 200ml, €7.30
Although Neutrogena's hand cream would be a well recognized brand, this was not the case with the body lotion. Whilst a few men went for this brand, it wasn't as well received with the ladies.

4. Vaseline essential moisture, €200ml, €4.29
The response to this lotion was fairly benign.. Smell was inoffensive and packaging pretty neutral.

So if we absolutely had to crown a winner based on the public's opinion, which one would it be...?

**NOTE** Public were asked to comment on packaging, value for money, smell, texture, consistency, effectiveness and result.

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