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Winter Warmers with Tanya Grimson

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Today we look at Winter Warmers whatever your shape or size. We all love those chunky knits to make us feel cozy in the cold snap, but few of us can actually wear them without adding to our width.

Tanya Grimson- Knit one, purl one!
Tanya Grimson is a Fashion stylist based in Dublin. Since graduating from London college of Fashion and working in leading publications such as Marie Claire in London she returned to Ireland to pursue her career as a fashion stylist.
Tanya has been actively working as a stylist in Ireland for 10 years and has worked for various publications such as The Gloss, Irish Tatler, Sunday Independent's Life Magazine, U Magazine, Confetti, VIP magazine, The Irish Times, Social and Personal and the RTE Guide, she has also worked as the Deputy Editor of Prudence magazine and was the Fashion Editor of Ivenus, Harmonia's online magazine and is currently the Fashion Editor of Irish Brides magazine.

Commercial clients include: Samui boutique, Sasha, Diffusion boutique, heatons, Peruzzi, Pulse accessories, Dunnes Stores, Michael H, Simply B, Oxendales, Applebe jewellers, Mad Flowers, Aer Lingus, Airwaves, Pulse, Lucinda Grey, Tricot Marine, Club Rugby, Dylon, Sheseido, House of Colour,
Tanya has also worked as a fashion journalist for publications such as Prudence, Ivenus, Irish Brides and The Irish Times and is currently involved in fashion production for many of her clients.

Tanya's knitwear blog:-
Tips for wearing knitwear this winter

This winter we are seeing more knitwear than in recent years, and long are the days that a woollen jumper and scarf satisfied your woollen needs. This season we see knitwear injected into every element of fashion from skirts, jumpers, gillets, cardigans and dresses. In the last year we have also seen knitwear replacing style staples such as little coats or jackets as they provide the ideal balance of comfort, flexibility and warmth.

The tip to modernising your knitwear this season is to layer it, to get different textures and to dispel any idea that knitwear is frumpy. When it comes to achieveing the right look for plus sizes layering again is key, make sure not to buy one block of knitwear without breaking it up with sleeveless cardigans and wraps. Another fantastic wear of achieving this look in all sizes is to get a cardigan or sleeveless cardigan that graduates on the hemline so that the end of the cardigan does not fall on one spot but drapes down the leg, this is ideal for distracting the eye from one problem area by sending the eye the eye down the body which will also help elongate the body. Also avoid chunky knitwear and large stitches such as the cable knit as this will only pad the body even further, opt for simple small stitches and also fine wool to slim the shape. Belts are also fantastic for breaking up shapeless pieces and for adding definition and bringing the eye to your waist and not your hips.

Tips for maintaining your knitwear

- how to get baubles off - shave or comb or use a garment brush
- Don't use wire hangers - use wooden or fabric
- If it is say dry clean only don't attempt to hand wash or use the wool wash on the cycle as it will only bauble, shrink or loose its shape
- When drying a machine or hand washed wool garment lay it out flat on a towel in a warm place but not in direct sunlight to keep the piece staying in shape

Look 1
Black and grey wool wrap, €60, M&S
Grey wool top, €35 by Savida at Dunnes Stores
Turn up jeans, €61, at Topshop
Biker boots, €129, at oasis - 10% off reduction in store due to exchange rate!!

Look 2
Black and white dress, €60, at M&S
Black wool cardigan, €45, at M&S
Belt, €39 at M&S
Black boots, €143, at Oasis

Look 3
Wool top, €35, at Dunnes Stores
Dress, €81, at Topshop
Purple ankle Boots, at buffalo

Look 4
Stripe wool cape,€29.50, reduced from €59, United colours of Benetton
Grey leggings, €22, at oasis
Grey suede boots, €69, reduced from €165, United colours of Benetton

Look 5
Cream poloneck, €95, at Dunnes Stores
Brown hooded sleeveless cardigan, €39 reduced from €85, United colours of Benetton
Brown mock croc heels, at Buffalo
Brown trousers, €60 at M&S

Look 6
Grey heart jumper, €70, by Kabaret at Dunnes Stores
Blue jumper dress, €72, at Oasis
Black suede boots, €137, at Topshop