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Sportswear with Tanya Grimson

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Tanya Grimson- Sporty Stylist!
Tanya Grimson is a Fashion stylist based in Dublin. Since graduating from London college of Fashion and working in leading publications such as Marie Claire in London she returned to Ireland to pursue her career as a fashion stylist.
Tanya has been actively working as a stylist in Ireland for 10 years and has worked for various publications such as The Gloss, Irish Tatler, Sunday Independent's Life Magazine, U Magazine, Confetti, VIP magazine, The Irish Times, Social and Personal and the RTE Guide, she has also worked as the Deputy Editor of Prudence magazine and was the Fashion Editor of Ivenus, Harmonia's online magazine and is currently the Fashion Editor of Irish Brides magazine.

Commercial clients include: Samui boutique, Sasha, Diffusion boutique, heatons, Peruzzi, Pulse accessories, Dunnes Stores, Michael H, Simply B, Oxendales, Applebe jewellers, Mad Flowers, Aer Lingus, Airwaves, Pulse, Lucinda Grey, Tricot Marine, Club Rugby, Dylon, Sheseido, House of Colour,
Tanya has also worked as a fashion journalist for publications such as Prudence, Ivenus, Irish Brides and The Irish Times and is currently involved in fashion production for many of her clients.

Choosing the best clothes for exercise can make the difference between a comfy & enjoyable workout and a downright miserable one!

A good tip is to test your gear before you go to your class, out jogging(or wherever you're exercising) to make sure your clothes don't rub, chafe, ride up, fall down or show more than you intended!

You should always choose clothes to fit your activity. If you're running or walking, a simple pair of shorts and tee shirt might be fine- be sure though that you're not going to be too hot or cold so you might need to invest in thermal undies or something that will keep your body heat in. If you're doing yoga or Pilates, you might opt for more fitted clothing so you can move freely but stay covered- there's nothing worse than wobbly flesh being on show- it makes for a very self- conscious experience and is best avoided!
Other than that, there are really no rights and wrongs when it comes to exercise clothes. It's whatever makes you feel good and keeps you comfortable

Sportswear can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. Do remember however, that it will be laundered more frequently than other clothes and so should therefore be durable enough. The one piece of sportswear that should be an investment is a decent sports bra- this will be washed after every wear and so should be made of very high quality materials so that it lasts the distance.

Why wear a bra for sports?
There are no muscles in your boobs, and without a good sports bra they will bounce during exercise. This, as many of you will know only too well, is not only uncomfortable, but can also lead to your boobs having less uplift in the long run.

How do sports bras work?
Sports bras work by compressing the bust close to the rib cage for maximum hold and minimum movement. They also need to provide total coverage, so forget trying to find one that looks glamorous - it won't do the job unless it's very high cut and full in the cup.

Principles of a good sports bra:
1. The fabric should be comfortable and absorbent.
2. The bra should be smooth against your skin, with no rough seams or bindings that could rub or cause irritation.
3. The straps should be fairly rigid, to minimise bounce, and be wide enough to sit comfortably on the shoulders.
4. The underband should be firm around your body, to prevent it from riding up your back.
5. Finally, the 'jump test' is probably the best way to test how effective a bra is at reducing bounce!


Outfit 1:
this is a general sportswear outfit but would be ideal for sports such as yoga, pilates or a general work out

Pink and grey tank top, was €12 and is now €3.50 at Tesco
Matching zip up top, €18, at Tesco
Grey and pink cropped tracksuit bottoms, €12 at Tesco
Trainers, €29.99 at TK Maxx
Pink headband, €6 by nike at champion sports

Look 2:
- this look shows the importance of wearing a sports bra, a normal bra reduces breast movement by 38% however by wearing a professional sports bra such as the shock absorber this can be reduced by up to 74% !!, they come in a variety of levels such as 1, 2, 3 depending on the sport however for activities such as skiing they would recommend level 3

Sports bra, €40.50 by shock absorber at debenhams
Gym bottoms with breatable light weight fabric, €40, by adidas
Trainers, €55, by asics at Heatons Sports world

Look 3:
- this tracksuit is absolutely ideal for any outdoor sports such as basketball, tennis, or jogging due to its warm fleece lined fabric, made in a three piece suit so that you can remove layers as you heat up

Blue tracksuit top, €38, by Yankees at Sports world Heatons
t-shirt, €14, by Yankees at sports world heatons
matching bottoms, €36, by same
trainers, were €136.50 now €59.99 at TK Maxx

Look 4:
- this look is ideal for any type of sportswear from casual walking to playing tennis or pilates

White polka dot hoodie, was €60 now €30. by nike at champion sports
White v-neck t-shirt, €20 by nike at champion sports
Baby blue velour tracksuit bottoms, €23, at marks and spencer
Trainers, was €55 and now €45 at champion sports
Look 5 - Faith - this is a very contemporary and funky sportswear outfit for those who want to put a little bit of glamour or bling into their outfit.

Look 5:
Black and gold windsheater, was €104 and now €34.99 at TK Maxx
Black cropped trousers, €19.99 at TK Maxx
Black and gold boot runners, were 144.50 and now €39.99 ( I will focus on these as they are from the stella mccartney for adidas range and real find in TK Maxx)
Black visor, €13, by Nike at champion sports

Look 6:
- this look is very much targeted at gym wear or aerobics, or for very serious runners using micro and climate controlled fabrics to allow for extra breathing and sweat evaporation and quick drying.

Coral and pink tank top, €23, at Mark and spencer
Black and coral bottoms, €28 at marks and spencer
Ipod holder, was €32 and now €22 by Nike at champion sports
Pink trainers was €90 now €70, by nike at champion sports
Pink and black wristbands, €8 by Nike