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Best Beauty Buys for '09 - Hand Creams With Suzanne Walsh

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

We've put some inexpensive beauty products to the test where it matters- out on the street with the real people of Ireland. Today we find out how they got on and get tip top advice on looking after your hands this Winter.

Must we say it again... The 'recession' is forcing the more luxury items in our bathroom cabinets to be replaced with much less expensive items. Many of us are not familiar with these brands/ products and so before we go out shopping for new hand creams, we find out what the real people made of them

Suzanne Walsh- Beauty Therapist Extraodinaire and Queen of the Roadtest!
Suzanne has been the resident beauty expert on The Afternoon Show since season 1 and continues to give expert advice to the show's viewers on a regular basis. Suzanne is also proprietor of two salons in Co. Kildare, in both Clane and Prosperous...
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Why should we use a hand cream?
Hand cream is a great way to moisturise your hands. It helps skin stay looking younger longer. Remember the hands are always busy and usually exposed!It moisturises not only the skin but also your nails and cuticles. Hand cream also protects against cold, wind, sun and the elements. Damaged or stressed skin on the hands will repair more quickly with the use of a good hand moisturiser.

And what are the key ingredients we should look for in a hand cream?
A good moisturising ingredient like coco butter and naturals oils also a protective and repairing ingredient usually found in fruit enzymes and of course a sun protection factor.

Are there any ingredients in expensive hand creams that aren't in the more reasonably priced ones?
That depends on the product. Products that include alpha hydroxy acids for skin renewal tend to be more expensive. Also products that use essential oils like Rose will be more expensive. In general, a product with expensive ingredient will be more expensive.

Will using hand cream stop the development of age spots?
Using a hand cream that contains spf on a daily basis will definitely reduce the likely hood of developing age spots.

How did each of our four products fare?

Product 1:
Nivea Hand, €4.22

Product 2:
Garnier Hand Repair, €5.99

Product 3:
Tesco Hand & Nail Cream, €1.79

Product 4:
Aveeno Hand Cream, €4.99

Gerneral Notes:
Based on the number of people we tested, the majority went with the Nivea hand cream. A lot of people identified with the brand and people mentioned the old ad "Hands need Nivea", so they obviously associated the brand with hands. Some also mentioned that their mums had it so it would be a brand they would trust.
People generally felt that the Aveeno packaging came across as being earthy and natural and the smell of the cream very neutral and inoffensive.

General consensus with the Tesco cream was that the girls liked the packaging (it was pretty pink) but that overall it left a residue and was slow to rub in. The Garnier hand repair was thought to have a great smell and lots of men went for this product as the name was more masculine- "Hand repair" rather than "hand cream".

So if we absolutely had to crown a winner based on the public's opinion, which one would it be...?Based solely on the testing we did in one day at one particular time and in one particular place, we'd have to say Nivea Hand was the most popular. Both men and women went for the packaging- it wasn't sex specific and definitely, as a brand, it had the strongest association with hand cream.

**NOTE** Public were asked to comment on packaging, value for money, smell, texture, consistency, effectiveness and result.