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Body Detoxing and Weight Loss with Jan De Vries

Monday, 5 January 2009

After Christmas two of the main things that people want to do is to detox and lose weight, we'll be advising them on how to do this. Jan will be answering viewers questions on how to detox towards the end of the show.


Why is it important we detox our bodies?
Especially after Christmas it is good to detox our bodies. We probably all have overindulged with rich food, such as Christmas pies, etc.

What benefits are there to detoxing our bodies?
One always feels so much better after detoxing. A lot of food we eat may leave residues which need to be addressed. Especially with all the waste material in the blood it is
important that detoxing can be very beneficial.

A fast will not go amiss and fasting can be done quite easily on a day when one is not too busy. Instead of eating, take at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper time a glass of juice.

Are there any exercises we can do to cleanse our mind?
The exercises that can be done to cleanse our mind, are for instance, yoga, gymnastics, anything that will transport the oxygen to the body, and especially my "Hara Breathing Exercises"

What herbal suggestions would Jan have for body detoxing?
One of the finest detoxifying progammes is the Detox Box from A.Vogel, which I do myself, Spring and Autumn. This is a dietary programme and also gives a few remedies to clear the lungs, stomach, bowels, liver, gall bladder, kidneys, and is a complete detoxifying programme.

Herbal Remedies for Item
Detox box, €34.95
Milk Thistle, €10.50
Craving Essence, €5.35
Golden grass tea, €4.20

Five general tips for people who are looking to lose weight
. Some fasting should be introduced.
. Drink plenty of water.
. Dietary Management, using my Healthy Eating Plan, which I will send freely to any of the viewers
. Plenty of exercise.
. Avoid stress and relax

Jans herbal suggestions for weight loss
Linoforce, Helix Slim, TrimSecrets, are all very good products.

Any advice that Jan may have for sticking to a weight loss plan:
Overall it is also good to be careful with what you eat, watch out for
. Sugars
. Salt
. Bread,
. Potatoes
. Pastas.

My book "Realistic Weight Control" will provide further help and advice.

Herbal Remedies
Trim Secrets, €21.95
Helix Slim, €10.50
Craving Essence, €5.35

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