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Men's Christmas Fashion

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

It's getting ever closer, and it's time we picked up a few bits and bobs for the men we give out about all year long! At this time of year we like our boys to be ever so smart, so with a few new touches to their wardrobe- we'll have them looking ship-shape for the festive season!

Leone Amon:- She knows her men!

A native of Cape Town SA, Leone studied Fiber Art for three years, learning the processes of natural dying, printing techniques, weaving and theatrical design. Amon drew inspiration from the cultural diversity of her homeland to realize the possibilities of this knowledge. She has applied this to all facets of her life.
Since her move to Ireland in 2000 she has created a multi-faceted brand and lifestyle....AMON...
Leone Amon is recognized as one of Ireland's most innovative and creative stylists with almost a decade of editorial, commercial and private work from the coasts of Africa to the shores of Ireland.

. Men's fashion has always been put aside while woman's fashion was always concentrated on. Today, that is becoming less and less so.

Main categories of men's fashion;
- Trendy young guys with their skinny jeans and bold colors, Italian inspired looks with sleek coats, well fitted suits and clear lines,
- The adrenaline junky with sports gear and hoodies and;
- Our sophisticated mature look with khakis, jumper and casual T or shirt.
One or all the men in our lives would fall into one of the above categories if we had to generalize.
What to buy that husband, father, uncle, in-laws, boyfriends and sons?
Buying clothes for other people or people close to you is not always the easiest thing to do and would have to say that you can never go wrong with vouchers.

A good few questions to ask are;_
- What hobbies do they most enjoy? SPORTS, READING, GAMES...
- What is their favorite color?
- What age are they?

These and another million, in the current climate small thoughtful gestures goes a long way, cufflinks, shoes, glasses, scarves! Socks and gloves are always a safe bet. Another handy tip might be you would love to buy him that something special, team up with the rest of the family and get him that one great thing or if he is into sports and needs some new golf gear, team up with friends and get vouchers from the same store so he can go get that new set of golf clubs he wants so badly.
Fashion and trends are fantastic, but there are men out there who follow the trends and those that do not and the majority do not. For young guys fashionable shoes, runners are fantastic whilst perhaps some jewellery would suit your man.
We have sourced the key elements of the season which are all adaptable to most age groups and relations with must have's for younger guys and colors to suit all men.


This trend takes inspiration from the current London rock scene. Taking a lead from bands such as Babyshambles, Man Like Me and CSS, the look fuses 50s rockabilly with underground band styling. Look out for oversized ginghams, checks and flashes of colour worn against bold black and white. T-Shirt prints are inspired by old album artwork such as Helter Skelter and Safe Attitude.

New Labor
Surprisingly blue-collar style arrives on the catwalks. Posh style is so out!
This new trend is the last derived from the "hype trend".

Eastern Promise
East Meets West with catwalk collections... Let's be inspired! Materials are luxurious: from leather to fur...

Classical Italian Style
Bye Bye Geek Chic, welcome Classic!
Back to classical cuts and noble matters. Let's dress like an Italian dandy and be almost preppy.
Michael Kors

Look 1
Cap €23 M&S
Knit €30 S Dunnes
Watch €60 M&S
Belt €5 Penneys
Cords €15 Penneys
Bag €200 M&S
Shoes €59.99 TK Maxx

Look 2
Scarf €30.00 M&S
Coat €99 Zara
Cardigan €49.99 Zara
Shirt €4 Penneys
Bag €39.99 Zara
Trousers €69.99 Zara

Look 3
Jacket €139 Zara
Chunky knit €69.99 Zara
Waistcoat €11 Penneys
Shirt €9 Penneys
Vest €6 Penneys
Jeans €45 h&m
Boots €110 Office

Look 4
Hat €39 M&S
Waistcoat €69.99 Zara
Coat €150 M&S
Grey Knit €25 Dunnes Stores
Gloves €24.99 Zara
Chinos €15 Penneys
Shoes €39.99 TK Maxx

Look 5
Hat €45
Scarf €19 The Harlequin
Suit €130 TK Maxx
Shirt €30 Dunnes Stores
Cufflinks €5 penneys
Shoes €110 Office

Look 6
Bathrobe €30 M&S
Vest €5 penneys
Watch €130 Swatch
Ring 69.99 JK RETAIL
Underwear €9.99 TK Maxx
Slippers €25 M&S

O'Connell Street
01 8880500

Henry Street

Mary Street
01 8728833

Henry Street

Dunnes Stores
St Stephen's Green
01 4751111

The Harlequin
Castlemarket Street, D2

JK Retail
Unit 6, Crowe st Temple Bar, Dublin, Dublin 2
+353 1 6753029

Ski Accessory Set: TK Maxx
Goggles 24.99
Ski Gloves €34

Shirt €24.99 TK Maxx

Golf Shirt €34.99 TK Maxx

Golf Balls and Pin in a Bag - €12.99 TK Maxx
Matching gloves - €12.99 TK Maxx

Cufflinks €12.99 TK Maxx

Designer Socks and Underwear set - €21 TK Maxx

Cufflinks - Handmade Jewellry set
JK retail
Ring €198
Cufflinks €98
Necklace €198

Box sets:
Paul Costello - Dunnes Stores
Scarf set €15
Cufflinks €15
Wallet - €15

Adam chocolates


Clean lines and shapes are very significant. Choose a crisp polo shirt to match some nicely pressed khakis.

Classy cardigan is another good decision. All men should definitely own at least one basic cardigan as you can wear it all year round and it's good for layering. They are sharp and extremely nice-looking.

Forget about browns and greys, they were in fashion in autumn. Now look for something that is much brighter: dark purple, red or indigo blue. Find a perfect shirt of these tints and pair it with black pants, you'll look both classy and modern.

If you like pinstripes, the fashion of this season is just for you. Select a pair of pinstripes pants with a pinstriped dress shirt to create a classy and taller image.
This season retro styles are extremely popular. If you like that, buy a couple of items coming in great colors and patterns, with funky lapels and elbow patches. You'll look irresistible.
Khaki pants are still very popular but if you got tired of them, try out some twill flat front pants. These look magnificent and are great for any occasion, from work to dinner.

Necktie is an item that will always be in vogue, though sometimes it may be worn less often. This winter ties have made a great comeback and are used to accessorize almost any style.??Jeans became fashionable once and since that day their popularity is constantly growing. This year's styles are more form fitting and straight cut. Dark blue is the best.

Pairing your jeans with a dress shirt (and a blazer too) will make you look slightly eccentric yet adorable.
For casual wear choose a funky rock 'n roll t-shirt.
Select a shirt that fits well and looks good.
Number of accessories should be minimal, just a watch and a pair of good cufflinks will do.