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Christmas Make And Wrap With Mary Fitzgerald

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Mary Fitzgerald of RTE's Mary Make and Do TV series.

. Mary was a children's TV presenter during the 1980's and 90's. Known for her lively art and craft shows which initially began as a ten minute feature on Anything Goes.
. Mary's popularity grew and she was asked to present her own slot on DEN TV called, 'How Do You Do?'
. This show ran for 7 years, with Mary presenting and producing over 150 programmes - she made everything from robots to dolls houses and garnered herself the nickname as 'Mary Make and Do,' and 'The Toilet Roll Lady,' by puppets Zig and Zag - now better known as Podge & Rodge - for her innovative inventions utilizing a toilet roll holder. Mary's show was second only to The Simpsons as the most watched show on Den TV on RTE 2 during the 1990's.
. Mary left RTE in 1995 to work in Public Relations as a PR Manager for the Irish Horseracing Authority, Leopardstown Racecourse in Dublin.
. She set up her own PR company, Mary Fitzgerald Public Relations - and represents both corporate and consumer clients.
. Mary has recently released (October) her new DVD, 'How Do You Do,' - it's tips from her top 12 RTE series of the same name.

Remember.the following and other Christmas Wrapping ideas are available on Mary FitzGerald's RTE-"How do you do?" DVD Priced €19.95.
Available to buy on-line or RTE website

Mary suggests:
Before you start, decide on what colour scheme you want for your Christmas presents and assemble your chosen wrapping paper, bows and Christmas baubles or other accessories for decoration.
If going for a "green/recycled look" assemble old newspapers or magazines and brown paper.

You will need the following:
. Newspaper
. Brown paper
. Coloured wrapping paper; red, green, purple
. White paper
. Tissue paper-gold or coloured tissue paper of your choice
. Ribbons, bows and baubles ( available in stationery shops or discount stores such as Penney's Lidl, Euro Shops etc
. Old Christmas decorations
. Sticky tape, glue and scissors

How to wrap the following;

1. Bottle of wine or awkward present such as a football or handbag

You will need wrapping paper and coloured tissue paper and ribbon
. Get a large sheet of wrapping paper
. Lay a sheet of tissue paper over it which is bigger than the wrapping paper
. Place the bottle of wine or other present such as a football in the centre
. Gather the wrapping paper and tissue paper together
. Tie at the top with ribbon
. Decoration to finish with a bow or Christmas bauble as required

2. Christmas Cracker present for square or round shaped presents

You will need purple wrapping paper and gold tissue or other coloured wrapping paper and tissue paper of your choice and Christmas baubles
. Get a large sheet of wrapping paper
. Place tissue paper on top
. Place "present" in the centre
. Tie the wrapping paper plus tissue paper at either end of the present like a cracker
. Tie ribbon bows on either end
. Decorate as desired with baubles or "bit and bobs" of your choice

3. Decorating Boxes

You will need red and white paper and red and white bows
. Cover a box with red paper and decorate with a big white bow in the centre
. Cover a box with white paper and decorate with a big red bow in the centre
. Have a selection of these presents decorated in the "red and white theme" and they will look very effective placed under the Christmas tree.

4. "Green" Christmas wrapping

You will need brown paper, newspaper and old magazines
Glitter, Christmas baubles and bows

Brown paper wrapped presents
. Cover boxes in brown paper
. Add some glitter and bows and Christmas baubles for decoration ( ones that you want to recycle and no longer want to use to decorate your Christmas tree)

Newspaper wrapped presents
. Cover box or present in old newspaper or magazines
. If, for example, the present is for some one who is interested in Horseracing, cover the present in old racing newspaper such as the Racing Post or Irish Field
. Make a paper rosette from the newspaper to decorate the centre of the present
. A similar present could be decorated using fashion magazines like Vogue or Image for your fashion conscious friend.