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Five Minute Festive Face With Donna Fitzpatrick

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Most of us spare only minutes to get ready for a party night out. We'll show how it can be done in five minutes.

Donna Fitzpatrick- Speedy Gonzalez with a sponge!
Donna Fitzpatrick MBA, MA, B.Sc. (Trinity College Dublin) CIBTAC
Creative and dynamic, Donna has amassed almost two decade's experience in the international cosmetics arena, where she experienced both the creative and business side of the industry.
Donna has trained as a make- up artist in New York, London and Milan. She built her reputation in New York where she worked as a chief make- up artist for Laura Mercier for the tri- state area, working on seasonal looks and various special events and promotions. She was also on the creative team of Estée Lauder New York, where she trained the national trainers and make- up artists of one of the largest make- up houses in the world.
While in New York, she worked alongside the world masters including François Nars (launching his brand at Saks 5th Avenue), Laura Mercier (at Laura Mercier launches and promotions) and Bobbi Brown (at various couture shows), indeed even being personally trained by Laura Mercier and François Nars.
She has acquired vast experience as a runway make- up artist and her list of famous cosmetic conquests include supermodel Tyra Banks and many other well- known models at New York couture shows, such as Donna Karen, Dana Buckman and Isaac Mizarhi. Donna played a key part in launching Nars Cosmetics in Saks of 5th Avenue and also the global launch of Estée Lauder's Pleasures for Men.

Upon returning to Ireland she took residency as manager of Bobbi Brown in Brown Thomas. She has done the make- up for numerous magazine covers, including Rosanna Davison, Glenda Gilson, Kathryn Thomas, Fran Gosgrave, Ryan Tubridy, Craig Doyle and a host of other Irish models, celebrities, TV presenters and actresses. She has been a beauty broadcaster with a regular slot on the Orla Barry Show and has appeared on the Afternoon Show and Off the Rails. She has written numerous hair and beauty features for newspapers, magazines and Internet sites, such as consumer magazine iBeauty, The Star Newspaper, Salon Ireland and Irish Beauty,, and She is currently the beauty editor of Glow*.

1. Necessary tools
For five minute make- up for a rushed mom, the best tool you have is your hands. Fingers are perfect for applying make- up and the heat of the fingers help blend the product into the skin.
Keep it simple- use applicators contained in the products.
A good eye shadow brush, as is a concealer brush. Faux does a great range. Concealer Brush €19, Deer Hoof Blending Brush €19. (01) 8332391

2. Prioritise Problems
For a busy (often tired) mom, concealing and evening the skin tone is often most
important. If no other make- up is worn, a touch on base products can make a woman look and feel better. Bags are notoriously difficult to hide! There is a technique (loved
actually by Tyra Banks) that works very well in photographic make- up, but is very
difficult to carry off at home. It involves the use of dark and light shades working on
the theory of shade and light, where a darker shade is applied to the actual bag,
causing it to recede and lighter shades are applied around the bag causing those
areas to look more pronounced. It is complicated and difficult to do in 30 minutes,
never mind 30 seconds. However, thankfully dark circles are much easier to deal with
and a touch of concealer applied using the C technique to the inner corners of the
eyes causing a woman to look immediately younger and fresher!

3. Order of application

Five Minute Make- up with Five Key Products

The Mission
To create a glamorous, sparkly look in five minutes that is suitable for a busy mom going to a party. The look needs to be fully recreated live on screen in real time and should be easy to recreate at home.

Step 1- The Base (foundation, powder, concealer and camouflage)
With so many fantastic 3-in- one base products on the market, it is possible to get the coverage of a foundation with the finish of a powder in one easy step. Because these products are heavily pigmented, apply with a fine brush to cover dark circles and spots and you have a foundation, powder, concealer and camouflage all in one.

Base- 1 minute
Simply apply to skin with sponge contained in the kit, starting at the nose and working your way out.
Camouflage and Concealer- 1 minute
(Camouflage is for spots and blemishes, concealer is for the eye area)

Using the same product, but a different applicator, concentrate the formula on spots, blemishes and under- eye circles. For spots, apply product quite thickly with a brush and blend into the area, using the heat of the fingers. To conceal under eye circles, apply to the eye area with a brush, using the C Technique. Many women apply directly under the eye, which is where most of us have a degree of lining and wrinkling. Most dark circles are actually in the inner corners of the eyes beside the nose. Therefore apply product there in a C shape using a brush and blend very gently using the heat of the fingers. Avoid heavy foundation to the immediate under eye area, as the product will seep into the lines, effectively highlighting what you were trying to conceal in the first place.

The Product:-

La- Roche- Posay Toleraine Corrective Compact Foundation, €21.50, available pharmacies nationwide.
It is highly pigmented, which means it has good coverage and can double up as a concealer. It is suitable for all skin types- even the most sensitive.

Toleriane Corrective Compact Foundation comes with an ultra soft anti-friction sponge which covers flaws without overloading the skin for a natural effect. It offers high coverage with a natural finish with 30% pigment and SPF 25.

Step 2- The Eye Shadow- 1 Minute
A sexy smoky eye is by far the most glamorous look that works incredibly well on the majority of Irish women. Add a touch of sparkle to a mid- to- dark grey. Blend the product onto the eye from the upper lashes into the crease using a natural- fibred shadow brush (Kolinsky Sable). Apply in a more concentrated line both directly above and below the lashes for an eye lining effect.

The Product
Smashbox Wicked Lovely Cream Liner & Loose Shimmer
The classic smoky eye is always a favourite for a glamorous Christmas look. Much easier to create than most women realise, the smoky eye can be made extra shimmery to really help get into the sparkling spirit of the season. To get the look, we are loving Smashbox's new Cream Liner and Loose Shimmer (€30)- three sultry cream liners and a sparkling loose shimmer powder in one mirrored pot. These liners provide totally customizable eye definition that doesn't flake, run or tug. To get the look, apply one of the liners to the clean lid in a thick line along the upper lashes. Using the heat of the finger, blend up towards the crease in the eye. Apply extra layers as needed. Once depth of colour has been achieved, seal the eyelid with a touch of the loose shimmer powder. Hey presto, wickedly lovely eyes in an instant!
Wicked Lovely Cream Liner Trio and Loose Shimmer available department stores and pharmacies nationwide €30.

Step 3- The Lashes- 1 Minute
A smoky look is perfectly finished with luscious lashes. Use a black lengthening mascara both on the upper lashes and lower lashes.

The Product
Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara
Whether it's a sultry smoky, burlesque babe or timeless classic, fabulous Christmas party eyes are always finished with long luscious lashes. This year, we are loving Maybelline New York's brand new mascara- 'The Colossal' Volum' Express Mascara (€9.99), which gives lashes mega volume instantly. With just one coat of the mascara, the lashes are charged with up to 7x more volume, courtesy of a new collagen rich formula and an oversized Megabrush. Available in Black.
Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara (€9.99) available stores nationwide.

Step 4- The Cheeks and Extra Sparkle- 1 Minute
Use a shimmery, sparkly pink powder along the cheekbones, shoulders and décolletage for a touch of healthy colour and festive sparkle. Apply in a sweeping motion with a big, squat brush.

The Product
IsaDora Mineral Body Glow Powder
When it comes to flashing the flesh in skimpy party outfits, it's important to make sure the bod is looking its best, which is why we like IdaDora's Mineral Body Glow Powder in Shimmering Rosebud. This silky body powder gives skin a rosy pink shimmer that lasts for hours. To get your sexy shimmer on, simply shake a little powder into the lid and work the Body Kabuki Brush into the powder. Tap it against the edge of the lid to release any excess particles, before sweeping the brush over cheeks, arms, décolletage and legs.
IsaDora Mineral Body Glow Powder €19.95 and IsaDora Mineral Body Kabuki Brush €18.95 available pharmacies and department stores nationwide.

Step 5- the Lips- 10 Seconds- to be done in the taxi on the way to the party
Lip gloss does not have to cost a fortune. Look for neutral peachy beiges for a neutral lip that not only perfectly balances a heavy eye and sparkly cheek, but does not need a steady hand and precise finish, which means it can be applied in the taxi on route to the party.

The Product
Rimmel Volume Booster Lipgloss

Finish the Christmas look with Rimmel's new Volume Booster Lipglosses (€7.95) available in such wickedly sexy shades as Passion, Provoke, Allure and Seduce. The glosses plump up the lips making them look more luscious and kissable. Unique spheres of marine collagen create a revolutionary lip-plumper instantly on application for a spectacularly fuller look that lasts. Meanwhile, hyaluronic biospheres swell on contact with water, boosting lip hydration levels and filling out fine lines and wrinkles. As a result, lips are a shocking 40 percent fuller looking. Perfect for seasonal seduction!
Rimmel Volume Booster Lipgloss (€7.95) available now nationwide.

. Clear make- up bag:- €11.80 for 3, Boots Nationwide

Step 1- The Base -2 minutes
La- Roche- Posay Foundation, €21.50, available nationwide.

Step 2- The Eye Shadow- 1 Minute
Smashbox "Wicked Lovely", €30, Department stores nationwide

Step 3- The Lashes- 1 Minute
Maybelline Volum' Express Mascara, €9.99, available nationwide.

Step 4- The Cheeks and Extra Sparkle- 1 Minute
IsaDora Mineral Body Glow Powder €19.95
IsaDora Mineral Body Kabuki Brush €18.95 available nationwide.

Step 5- the Lips- 10 Seconds!
Rimmel Volume Booster Lipgloss, €7.95, available nationwide.