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Channeling Body Energy with Jan de Vries

Monday, 1 December 2008

Jan will be telling us what body energy exercises are and their benefits. He will then show us six different exercises that anyone can do to combat;

. Headaches
. Breathing problems,
. Relaxation,
. Pain,
. Tension
. How to get better overall

With each of these exercises he'll also have a suggested tincture that one can take alongside the exercise.

What is Energy?
All life is energy; all energy is vibration and vibration, in turn, is energy. These are principal facts in the universe. If there is a disturbance in our innate energy flow, even a touch in the right place can solve certain real problems.


Restoring the Balance of Energy
By touching or massaging the body tissue of muscles, we can coax the muscles into fulfilling their original functions. We can learn to locate an acupuncture point and massage a painful area therapeutically. For this we can use our fingers or our hands. We can also think ourselves back to health.

Mind Energy
All rational human beings act according to their thoughts. The phrase "mind over matter" indicates replacing negative thoughts by positive thoughts. It is claimed that science has confirmed that every human being has been engineered for success and that every human being has access to that great power within himself. Anger, stress, nervous anxiety, doubt or any negative thought may cause an energy imbalance. We should have a positive mind in order to obtain the means to a positive and energetic life.

Energy in the Endocrine
Seven small glands make up the endocrine system and the worthwhile functions they perform. If one of these glands is out of harmony, all seven glands will suffer, because this disturbs the balance of the whole endocrine system. The nutrition we obtain from our food is regulated by these glands, so is the degree of vitality that influences the condition of our skin, the colour of our hair, and the strength of our muscles. The endocrines are also instrumental in the functions of our liver, stomach and intestines and help to determine the entire electrical potential in the human body. We should treat them correctly with pure food, water and air, and they also respond to exercise, prayer and meditation.

Energy in the Eyes
"The mirror of the soul" is not just a poetic phrase; eyes play an important part in the general harmony of the body and ultimately act like mirrors of what is happening inside. Often, signs of an imbalance or disharmony in the body can be detected in the eyes. We should protect our eyes from the stress and strain of modern life. Venture every now and then to keep away from electric light, television screens and visual display units, and give your eyes a chance to rest when possible.

Energy in Bones & Muscles
Gravity starts to pull the human structure out of balance from the time we are an embryo until the day we go to the grave. An unbalanced body will cause innumerable ailments in the human being. The first step in rebuilding the body structure is to consider the neck and shoulders. If the neck is seen to be crooked and the shoulders out of alignment, this will affect the position of the internal organs. There are exercises in Jan's book to help realign the bones; most of these involve a simple touch method as opposed to massage. Jan can show us how to make a headache melt away with the touch-hold method. Another way of balancing the human structure is to pay attention to our posture. Bad posture can restrict the blood flow and ultimately the nervous function of the body.

Energy in the Feet

In the feet we find all the hormonal reflexes. In order to stimulate or relax the secretions of these hormonal glands, the manipulation of certain pressure points in the feet can be very useful. Every gland and every organ in the body has a terminal nerve ending in the extremeties - the feet, the fingers and the face. Massage serves to unblock and stimulate these nerve endings. This helps each gland and organ to function properly. The feet also contain a wealth of acupuncture points as well as the pressure points. Through these points we are able to influence the energy throughout the whole of the body.

Energy in the Hands
Our health is in our own hands. For generations people have known that they were able to influence the balance of their energies by means of pressure and massage using their hands. Unfortunately, in modern times these faculties have fallen into disuse. We possess tremendous energy and power in our hands. However we need to learn how to use our hands to channel this energy and where to apply pressure when energy is disturbed. Our hands can be used to ease a large variety of health problems, largely by placing them in the right places at the right times. The palm of the right hand has a positive energy and the left hand conducts negative energy - when the correct balance is found, great benefits can be achieved. The right hand should never be used on infections, as it carries a positive change. The left hand affords relief from pain and has the ability to arrest or slow down an infection, reducing nerve pains, swellings and strengthening weak muscles.

Exercise 1
Herbal Remedy - Feverfew

Breathing Problems
Exercise 2
Herbal Remedy - Ivy Thyme Complex / Echinaforce

Exercise 3
Herbal Remedy - Relaxing Essence

Exercise 4
Herbal Remedy - Knotgrass Complex

Exercise 5
Herbal Remedy - Ginasavena

How to get better overall
Exercise 6

Body Energy by Jan De Vries is available to buy in bookshops or check out