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Going Grey 'Till The Day You DYE!

Friday, 21 November 2008

Going gray is a natural progression in growing older - so why do women desperately try to hide those silver tresses by dyeing over them?

Images of actress Nicole Kidman arriving this week at the premier of her new blockbuster movie 'Australia,' with grey roots.
We ask the Nicole right to be proud to go back to her roots or should she curl up and dye?

Terry Prone:
Media Consultant from The Communications Clinic.
. Terry is a card carrying white haired lady and proud of it. Terry is not naturally white.she actually pays to look this good!
. Terry went white about 15 years ago by accident. She was doing a DIY set of streaks and got interested in a magazine and left the colour on for over an hour. Got the whole hair dyed white to try and fix the damage and decided to keep it that colour.