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Trade Secrets With Liz O' Kane

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

- Liz's Trade Secrets for re-launching your home on-line:

Change address
. Change your address slightly for example I advised Leah in todays VT to change hers from, 5 Kevin Street, Tinahely, Co Wicklow to Oulart, (her home village) Kevin Street, Tinahely, Co Wicklow. The address becomes discreetly different, sounds nicer and does not reflect the original address.

. Instead of using the front of the house as the first image, use the rear of your home instead, particularly if you have a good garden or rear extension. This will create a completely different first impression of your home.
. The most important rooms to be features are the Kitchen, bathroom(s) and living areas. The outside space is secondary and can be described in one shot. One property I viewed recently had 5 shots of the garden and two of the interior, a bedroom and a dining-room - the brochure told you nothing about the house at all and certainly did not show its best features. There was a laziness about the photography, like the estate agent didn't care or make the effort. If they don't make the effort, you might as well yourself!

Describing Your Home
. Describe your home in a more inviting manner: for example, use the words town house instead of mid terrace. Instead of describing your home as a 3 or 4 bed semi-detached house, describe it as a well designed family home in a sought after area. If your home is detached describe it as a rare and substantial, family home to come to the market.
. Be colourful with your language, describe your home like a story that will entice new viewers to come and look. On your description describe it as home 'that is well loved and maintained'.

3 Places To Advertise Your Home

. will advertise your home, upload the images and send you out a private seller board for €199! All enquiries go directly through them and they then forward the information to you and you then contact the prospective buyer yourself. It is successful and works as many buyers prefer to talk to the owners directly and believe there is potentially a more direct and better deal to be done.

. also charge a similar fee (will confirm this) and will keep the ad up for 90 days. Potential buyers contact the seller directly from their site as all your details are up there, as opposed to private seller who vet all enquiries first.

. is the latest site to launch and are selling overseas and Irish property at their first auction to take place at the citywest hotel on January 29th '09. They charge €1,000 plus VAT to register and sellers must be prepared to sell their properties at up to 30% less than the market value. Sellers must need to sell and propertyauction will not consider taking on anyone who is not in a needy position. Their philosophy is all about putting needy sellers together with savvy investors and in this vein make sales!
Or you can contact: 0469430823

Liz O'Kane