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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Some insider trade secrets to help sell your home .

Today Liz is meeting a young family from Cavan who have been trying to sell their home for the last two years. Despite having planning permission for a town house on their land they've only had a few viewings to their home.

Tips to increase the market potential of your home without breaking the bank:

Don't be afraid to take your home off the market
. If your home has been on the market for a long period of time i.e. over six months - take it off the market, in other words make it disappear for a while
. The longer a property has been on the market/has 'for sale' signs up - it is only attracting negativity i.e.'there must be something wrong with it'. This is simply the way people think.
. Give the house a 'for sale' rest and think about how you can market your home in a new and different way to make it more attractive/interesting to new potential buyers.

Subtle changes to rebrand your home
. Change the colour of the front door and give your home a name - changing the address slightly
. Paint your property inside a neutral / show housey colour (off white) than continues throughout, giving your home continuity and a flow from room to room . Remember your taste will probably not be the taste of the person to eventually buy your home, so don't be upset, what do you care, you're leaving anyway!
. De personalise!

Check Out The Competition!
. The best exercise you can do is to go to a new development locally, view the show house and tell yourself, 'if a buyer views my house and then views the show house, which one will they buy?' Inevitably the answer will be in most cases 'the show house'.
. So, you need to present your home like a show house..
. This is not about spending a lot of money, this is about houses are neutral, blank canvases and therefore yours should be too,,,,,,become boring and have a neutral blank canvas, that's what sells!

Don't Be Afraid To Sell It Yourself!
. Most people tell me that they get absolutely no feed back from viewings or the estate agent about how to present their homes for sale...perhaps you could consider selling your home yourself
. Why not think outside the box, you are the expert, no one knows your home like you do and therefore you are capable of selling your home yourself

Next week Liz will be looking at rebranding your home for the Web

For information on Enda and Fionas home, contact Enda on 0879738530

Liz O'Kane