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Top Tips to make life easier in the home

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

As the pace of life picks up which of us wouldn't welcome a little extra help around the house? Well, today in studio we'll have a very special guest in the form of 'Grannymar' who will be here to share all her top tips for making life that bit easier in the home.

Blogger Grannymar joins us in studio to share her helpful hints to make life easier around the home.

Blogger 'Grannymar' aka Marie Parker writes a hugely popular personal blog entitled simply 'Grannymar' on which she waxes lyrical about daily life and keeps her readers amused with a variety of household hints and other musings. She was the joint winner of the award for Best Personal Blog in this year's Irish Blog Awards and was also the recipient of the first ever Blog Post of the Month Award.
In her own words 'Grannymar' says, 'most of my young life was spent at my mother's side as she reared her large family. Mammy taught me to cook, mend and deal with all class of household chore. While running my own home and in my working life I suppose I picked up a few tricks along the way.'

Hint 1
How to: Fix a zip that keeps sticking?!
Solution: Rub dry soap along the zip

Hint 2
How to: eliminate bad odours in the kitchen without using an aerosol
Solution: Light a candle

Hint 3
How to: clean mirrors and glass and moisturize your hands at the same time
Solution: Soak newspaper in vinegar and rub on mirror. Soak hands in bowl of vinegar to moisturise.

Hint 4
How to: Get a beetroot stain out of your clothes
Solution: Rub the stain with a baby wipe

Hint 5
How to: Get blood out of a white shirt
Solution: Chew a piece of tread until soft then rub on the stain. Must be own saliva to remove own blood

Hint 6
How to: Remove red wine from upholstery
Solution: Pour white wine on the stain

Hint 7
How to: Get chewing gum off your favourite jeans
Solution: Place jeans in a plastic bag, put in freezer and break off gum when frozen

Hint 8
How to: Open a stubborn jar or bottle without having to ask a man for help
Solution: Put on a rubber glove or use a specially designed bottle opener

Hint 9
How to: stop a CD from skipping
Solution: Rub toothpaste on CD

Hint 10
How to: Get pollen from a Lilly off your clothes
Solution: Do not attempt to brush the pollen off instead lift it off with a piece of sellotape