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Gardening With Eugene Higgins; Encouraging Wildlife Into Your Garden

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Eugene will be talking about all the different things we can do to encourage native animals and nature into are garden from bumble bee houses to seeds especially for red breasted robins.

Animal Houses:

Hedgehog Box
Why is it important to encourage hedgehogs into our gardens?
Eugene says we need to help these little animals and protect our natural wildlife; hedgehogs eat snails and slugs also!

Bumblebee Box
What is the advantage of encouraging bees into your garden?
Bees pollinate the world! Mankind would suffer greatly if bees didn't exist, there would be no crops or plant growth.
Mouse Bunker Room

Why would you want mice in your garden?
Eugene says they are better than having them in your house so why not create a little home for them!

Bird Houses

1 Silver Bird House
Price: 38.95 The Green House - Avoca

2 White Bird House
Price: €15.95 The Green House - Avoca

3 Starling & Woodpecker box
Price: €25.95 from (Co. Wicklow)

4 Robin & Pied Wagtail Box
Price: €17.95 from (Co. Wicklow)


New specialized products for your garden are coming out all the time, today we have some seeds specifically designed to attract different types of birds.

Robin Seeds:
Name: Chapelwood Robin Food
Price: €4.95
Where to buy: available in garden centres

Blackbird seeds:
Name: Chapelwood Blackbird Feed
Price: €4.95
Where to buy: available in garden centres

. Heather: Approximately €4.95
What natural wildlife will heather attract into your garden?
Heather is the first stop for bees to get an early supply of pollen and butterflies love them also.

. Escallonia: Approximately €6.95
This is a popular heading plant for nesting birds and is great if you live near the coast.

. Sorbus Acuparia: Approximately €39.95
This is a bush that produces berries in may and is an excellent source of food for birds.

Eugene Top Tips For Encouraging Wildlife:
. When cutting or pruning a hedge wait until the nesting season is over in other words the Autumn
. make sure to check your compost heap, if your digging ,that it does not have a hedgehog hibernating in it so don't go forking without checking, milk is very bad for for hedgehogs, if you want to help try cat food or cooked meats,
. Be very care full with strimmer's and investigate for hedgehogs as they don't run away they curl up.
. Don't remove falling leaves from under plants as they act as blankets for various garden insects during the winter in other words your garden does need not to be Pristine wild flower seeds will grow in poor soil such as primrose, dandelion or hawthorn will attract butterflies and bees in to your garden

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