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Medical With Jan De Vries - Common Addictions

Monday, 6 October 2008

Jan is here to talk about common addiction remedies. We'll be looking at caffeine, dairy, sugar, salt, bread alcohol and nicotine addictions.

Why do people get cravings and addictions?
Many times people get cravings and addictions in order to get over problems or emotional trauma.

What would you take to curb the following addictions;

. Caffeine - Solution: Craving Essence (€5.35)
There is a lot that can be done to curb caffeine addiction. Some of the best ways to do so are to take flower / craving essence. Craving essence taps into natural inner strengths in order to help control cravings and calm the tensions of the withdrawal phase. It supports a positive frame of mind to obtain the goal and helps establish a more healthy rhythm of life. Particularly beneficial when used alongside any other treatment for addictions such as complementary therapies and support groups.

. Dairy - Solution: Soy and Goats Milk
The best way to get through a dairy addiction is to use simple substitutions such as soy or goats milk instead of regular cow's milk.

. Sugar - Solution: Ginsavena (€10.49), Chromium (€10.49) and Avena Sativa (€10.49)

The best herbal remedies to take in order to help with sugar addictions are:

This mixture of Avena sativa and Siberian Ginseng lifts energy levels whilst soothing frazzled nerves, easily dealing with fatigue whilst calming at the same time. Increase its effectiveness by avoiding caffeine and drinking plenty of water. o not take Ginsavena for longer than three months, and avoid it if you are on hormonal or heart medication, or are diabetic, epileptic or schizophrenic.

To help stabilise your blood sugar levels, take Chromium with every meal. This improves your body's ability to balance dietary sugars, reducing cravings.

Avena Sativa
A herbal tincture of Avena sativa, the very same oats you use to make porridge, is a wonderful restorative for those suffering from nervous debility, fatigue, neuralgia or over-work! A little known benefit of Avena is that, if it is taken as part of a regime for those attempting to withdraw from an addiction to alcohol, smoking, tranquillisers or other drugs, it can ease the transition and make the whole withdrawal process a lot easier on the individual undertaking it. It is a mild sedative and helps you sleep, properties that are thought to be due to the alkaloid, gramine. Another alkaloid in Avena, avenine, stimulates the central nervous system and is the constituent that causes horses fed on large quantities of oats to become highly excitable! This illustrates nicely the concept that herbs contain a diverse range of constituents which, when taken in the correct amounts, provide a balancing effect.

. Salt - Solution: Craving Essence (€5.35) and Ginsavena (€10.49)
A great herbal solution to a salt addiction is craving essence. In addition to Craving Essence, the salt can also be substituted with Herbamare which is a food seasoning, and tasty alternative to table and cooking salt. Ginsavena can also be used.

. Bread - Solution: Rice Cakes
Jan feels that the best way to get through a bread addiction is to replace bread with something like rice cakes.

. Alcohol - Solution: Ginsavena (€10.49) and Avena Sativa (€10.49)
Jan thinks that both ginsavena and avena sativa can help those with an addiction to alcohol.

. Nicotine - Solution: Confidence Essence (€5.35) and Craving Essence (€5.35)
With regards to smoking addiction Jan uses Confidence Essence and Craving Essence together with Acupuncture, which helps to break the habit and desire. Confidence Essence has been especially designed to restore self-trust and confidence in cases of temporary set backs. Anxieties recede and it is easier to let go of past failures and embrace challenges once more.