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Rescued Puppies

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Last week a lorry driver in Wexford pulled in at the side of the road and found a plastic bag containing 9 puppies. By an amazing stroke of luck their mother had been found in a different part of the county the day before and taken in by the WSPCA. The WSPCA put two and two together, and the puppies have now been reunited with their mother and are looking for a good home.

We are joined today by Betty Dempsey and Brigid Cullen from the WSPCA, who have the job of looking after this new family and finding a new home for each of them.

About the WSPCA
The WSPCA is a regional branch of the ISPCA. They are funded by a mixture of grants fundraisers and donations. Every year they receive a grant from the Dept of Agriculture. This year they also received €5k from Pedigree. Their average running costs are between €5-7k a month, so as you can imagine they rely on people's generosity to keep them going.

What do They Do When They Get a Call?
Between the hours of 8am and 5pm a dog warden is available and will go out to collect the dog. If it is after hours, and the person cannot keep the dog in their home overnight, either Brigid or Betty will go out and collect them and keep it at home overnight. Then the dog goes to a shelter and they try to find it a new home.

Does This Happen Often?
The organization will get at least a call a day about a dog who has been abandoned or is in distress. There was a very similar case earlier this year where 11 puppies were found in a bag in a field covered in slurry. Tragically 5 of those puppies died, which shows how lucky our puppies were. However the remaining 6 puppies found good homes, and as a gesture of thanks Pedigree sponsored their food for the first 6 months.
What Do You Do If You Find an Abandoned or Stray Dog?

ISPCA advises:

. Contact your local dog warden-It is your legal responsibility to do this
. Contact your local SPCA
. Contact the Gardai
. Or even contact your local vet
. You can either hand it over to the pound, where it will be put down after 5 days if it is not reunited with its owner or re-homed. If you do decide to keep it, the dog then becomes your responsibility.

If Brigid could Give One Piece of Advice?

If You Have a Bitch, Get Her Spayed!!! Please don't let it get to the stage where your bitch becomes pregnant and you realise that you can't cope with the puppies.

If you are interested in housing one of these adorable pets please phone Brigid on the number below:
Brigid Cullen 087 1220416