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Making Waves With Shay Dempsey

Monday, 22 September 2008

The ultimate guide to waving your hair. Gone are the poker straight locks of the early noughties, 2008 is more about a relaxed elegance more akin to bed-head than dead straight! We're here today with a guide to perfect waves, no matter what type or length of hair you have.

In a series of hair items, we've been looking at topical hair issues for busy ladies on the go. We've looked at the hot scarlet trend of dying your tresses red, now it's time to get our locks in style with suggestions on waving.
Particularly as most of us can own up to at least one pair of straightening irons, we need to put these expensive and now redundant tools to use once more. Wavy hair is where we're at in '08!

Shay Dempsey- Hairstylist to the stars!
Multi award winning stylist Shay Dempsey has worked across the international hairdressing industry for the past twenty years and has become among the best in the business. With his unique and original style Shay is fast becoming the most sought after of hair professionals. From individual clients, The Ryder Cup, The MTV Awards, numerous fashion shows, right through to creating new looks for next season, Shay's charismatic personality and vision has given him the edge on all his peers.
Shay's clients are and have been the cream of A-list celebrities throughout the world:
Alicia Silverstone, Gabriel Byrne, Kenneth Brannagh, Jerry Hall, Helena Christiansen, Alison Doody, Heidi Klum, Samantha Mumba, Amanda Byron, Brian O'Driscoll, Ronan O'Gara and Padraig Harrington to name but a few!

Shay is proprietor of Zoo hair salon in Dublin's city centre. He's happiest when working saying that his moments of greatness occur " because I love what I do, so whether I'm on a photoshoot or the salon floor, I'm at my best"
Shay has huge admiration for Vidal Sassoon, who he says is "Iconic".

Models:- Roisin, Danni, Dervla

Model 1:- Danni has long straight hair, ideal for making waves.
A very soft, light wave can be created using the ghd IV salon styler which gives volume and movement to any style.
Celeb trendsetter: - Cheryl Cole

Take random, different sized sections of hair, to give a more natural feel to the finished look.
Begin by taking section and, holding sraightener to root of hair, start turning iron in alternate directions to tip of hair. The bigger the distance between turns, the looser the wave.
Finish with styling spray to hold.

Model 2:- Roisin has shorter hair. Many people think that because their hair is shorter, it can't be curled/ waved. Shay will demo how to achieve a wave in shorter hair using a hot styling Wand.
Celeb trendsetter - Katherine Hiegl

Again, taking, random, different sized sections of hair, simply wind section round wand and hold for a few seconds and release. Move on to the next section, the bigger the section, the looser/softer the wave. The wand is ideal for shorter hair as its width is graduated and so different ends can be used for different sections of hair.

Model 3:- Dervla has curly hair. Shay will demonstrate how to take your hair from curly to wavy using a large barrelled curling tongs.
Celebs trendsetter:- Leona Lewis

It is essential to use heat protector product here as hair will be dealing with a lot of heat.
Begin by blast drying your hair, making it as straight as possible.
Hair will be frizzy but, section it off, again in different sized sections to keep it natural. Holding large barrelled tongs to root of section begin to draw tongs down hair slowly, turning gradually as you go. This action will smooth frizzy hair as it gently waves.
Use styling spray to fix in place.

Shay's 3 top tips for creating perfect waves:-

1. Use heat protector spray when using hot styling tools to prevent unnecessary damage.
2. Don't overuse hot styling tools as this will lead to breakage and long term hair damage.
3. Trial and error is key- different strokes for different folks as they say so what works for one person's hair may not work for yours. Decide on the look you want to achieve and choose tool most suited to that look. It's always best to try hair out in advance of a major event so that it's not a disaster on the day.

Shay Dempsey's salon;
Zoo Hair Salon is at 25 Exchequer Street Dublin 2 Co. Dublin
Tel: (01) 672 5177
Fax: (01) 672 5798

Clothes for today's models sourced from Caru Boutique on Drury St, Dublin 2
Shoes from Buffalo on Exchequer St, Dublin 2.