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Post Summer Hair Repair With Shay Dempsey

Monday, 15 September 2008

We're all back now from our summer holidays; having exposed our tresses to the elements and also to over styling. Now is the time to attempt to repair the damage before it gets too late!

Shay Dempsey- Hairstylist to the stars!
Shay is proprietor of Zoo hair salon in Dublin's city centre. He's happiest when working saying that his moments of greatness occur "because I love what I do, so whether I'm on a photoshoot or the salon floor, I'm at my best"
Shay has huge admiration for Vidal Sassoon, who he says is "Iconic".

Models: Rachel & Jane

Shay discusses the type of damage we may have done to our hair over the summer months:
Exposure to the elements is key here. Wind, sun, sea, sand and chlorine would normally be the worst offenders. But also as we tend to style our hair more on holidays than we normally would, the hair can be burned out from straightening irons and curling tongs. We also would tend to get our colour done right before we go so hair ends up being over processed, baked and dehydrated.

Shay's 3 top tips:
1. We moisturize our skin daily-but we often forget about our hair. Hair should be treated with a deep conditioning treatment at least twice weekly. This can be done in roughly ten minutes while watching TV!.
2. One of the big things is to go and get a decent haircut. During the summer months we tend to simply scrape the hair off the face into a ponytail and forget about our regular trim. An inch can make all the difference!
3. Post summer holiday we should all ease up on styling tools such as blow dryers, irons, curlers and tongs. With a little TLC, you should begin to notice a difference and return to smooth & shine in as little as two weeks. It is then important to maintain it.