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The Marvelous Marty Morrissey

Friday, 5 September 2008

Its the weekend of the GAA hurling final and we have Marty Morrissey here to fill us in on what action we should expect from Croke Park.

Why Marty is our Man:
. Marty went to UCC and studied Science and Microbiology. Although he loves sport, unfortunately he wasn't good enough, or committed enough to become a pro.
. His first job after college was teaching football at weekends. A local nun had heard about his coaching skills and asked him to come to West Clare and train the local team.
. Then Marty and a friend of his started filming matches for the local clubs and county boards. He would sit on the back of a trailer and film the matches as his friend drove the tractor. At this time he was sending tapes to RTE but getting the old "you're not quite suitable" rejection letters in response. Although he did say he also got some encouragement to keep applying.
. In 1988 he left teaching and began working for Cable link TV in Cork. While there he got to interview Audrey Hepburn and Johnny Cash.
. He worked there for about a year and a half before moving to London for 6 months with WH Smith, which was the pre-runner for Sky. He worked on an Irish series interviewing Irish stars (such as Daniel O' Donnell!) which was broadcast all over England.
. Then Marty came back to Ireland in August 1989 and started working as news editor on Clare FM. At this time he was still commentating on sports at the weekends.
. While at Clare FM he reported at a match in Croke Park - it was Dublin V Armagh and although there were 13 matches played that year already, this was one great match and Marty's commentating skills really made him stand out. This earned him his role as freelance reporter for RTE sports.
. He left Clare FM as News Editor and joined RTE Cork in 1990 and spent 4 years there until he got the urge to move again (he says he can never stay in one place too long).
. In 1994 he moved up to RTE in Dublin as a sports programme presenter and reporter. To this day he still loves his job and loves working in RTE. (He wouldn't give up his job even if he won the Euro millions lotto!)
. Marty has been described as one of RTE's finest Gaelic minds and a 'fair man' for the memorable quote. It was Marty, for example, who once claimed "there won't be a cow milked in Clare tonight" after their breakthrough All-Ireland hurling final win under Ger Loughnane back in the 1990s.
. 'The All-Ireland Dream', written by Seamus McRory, contains interviews with over 25 great GAA players and features Marty talking about what goes on behind the matches.
. When Risteard Cooper was asked what his 'high point' in 2005 was, he replied: "Marty Morrissey commentating on the International Rules, it supplied us with loads of material for our Après Match Christmas special. Low point: My re-enactment of the above."
. Marty's most memorable career moment has to be his first live match when Antrim beat Offaly in 1989. It was the most talked about game of the year and his name was linked to it so he was thrilled about that!
. Marty tries to keep fit and plays soccer with the lads at work.
. He likes to chill out by watching The West Wing or Friends (or as he says 'The' Friends') and if he could meet one person in the world it would be Jennifer Aniston.
. He's not too fond of reality TV and doesn't claim to be an internet buff but does 'browse' the internet every now and again, although he didn't say which sites!
. He thinks one of the greatest sporting legends is Roy Keane and as a child he supported Liverpool but has since converted to Man U (because of the Irish players).
. His favourite movie is Pretty Woman. (!!!)
. When he was younger he loved watching Casper the Friendly Ghost, the Flinstones and Tom & Jerry.