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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

A new two part drama 'Whistleblower' was broadcast on RTE1 on Sunday 31st and Monday 1st. The programme focused on the actions of the disgraced Dr Neary, which led to more than 100 women undergoing unnecessary hysterectomies in the Lourdes Hospital.

The drama explored how one junior midwife in a hospital maternity ward got the strength to blow the whistle and question the medical practices of a senior consultant. Whistleblower will confront the shocking fallout of the 2006 Lourdes Hospital inquiry.

Maria Cooney, who was only 29 when her womb was removed by Dr Neary, after the birth of her fourth child, will be in studio today.

Lourdes Hospital enquiry:

A summary of the findings of the Lourdes Hospital report:
. 188 hysterectomies were carried out over a 25 year period. It is very probable that about 100 of these could have been avoided
. The figures of concern occurred in the mid 1990s, when there was a doubling of the previous rate at a time when peripartum hysterectomy was becoming less common in other maternity hospitals
. No contraceptive advice was permitted by the ethos of the hospital and no tubal ligations were carried out at the hospital until 1999
. Most professionals working in the Unit believed that a peripartum hysterectomy was only carried out if the mother's life was in danger and as all the consultants were highly regarded, their decisions were never questioned.
. There was compelling evidence of a carefully executed and malicious removal and tampering of records involving many of the peripartum hysterectomies most of which relate to the 1970s and 1980s
. The records were removed or tampered with in late 1998 and have continued up to at least 2004

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