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Monday, 1 September 2008

As the school season kicks back in and our young mums get back into the routine of the school run and general taxi service- we feel that they still deserve to feel good about themselves without their hair getting in the way.

Eddie Doyle, Hairstylist Supreme!
Eddie is proprietor of Perceptions Hair salon in Goatstown in Dublin. He feels that "Hairdressing is the medium through which I can indulge one of my hobbies while making people feel and look better" (Irish Tatler August '08)

3 Models -Emer, Ashenna, Carmel

Look #1- 'The Vail'
Can be worn in side or centre parting.
Divide the head into two, from ear to ear, crossing over the head not around the back. With the back section, spray with plenty of normal hold hair spray from a distance, so as not to create sticky patches.

Make a pony tail running your hands over the tail section so to dry the hair spray into the hair, this makes it much easier to work with.

Finer hair could be back combed and then outer layers smoothed down with more spray and the help of a brush, to create a thicker look and feel. With the two side sections, scrape them back over the ears, and secure them to the Pony tail, covering the band which holds the pony tail.

Look #2- 'The untidy chignon'
Take a low Pony tail at the nape of the neck and secure, leaving out a slice either side around the face. Back comb the pony tail as much as possible and lather with hair spray,
Smooth down the outer layers and then form your ball shape.
Cover this with a fine hair net and secure to the back of the head.

Look #3 - 'Layer bob with a flick'
Eddie will show a technique of how to protect from the heat of straighteners and also how to create the kick.