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Summer Holiday Tips - Brian Colbert

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

It's the summer, your holidays are booked and the time of departure is fast approaching, below are a few pointers that may help you enjoy this special time all the more!

Brian Colbert is regarded as one of the leading consultants in the area of Personal Growth in Ireland today. Brian is a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP. Such are his insights into the whole area of Personal Development that he must truly be regarded as a pioneer. It is with such an array of powerful insights and ideas on how to unlock individual potential by accessing the power of the human mind that he has already directed thousands of people towards achieving their true potential.

Brian adheres to his own personal philosophy of always being true to yourself, honouring your destiny and living life to the full. His warmth, authenticity, curiosity and passion for life are contagious. His charismatic training style often swings delicately between the profound and the downright funny, which allows learning to become an interesting and fun experience.

Summer Holiday Tips:

1. Begin at the end
Before you even start out on your holiday ask yourself this question.

What will have to have happened for us to have had a fantastic Summer Holiday?

Get each family member to answer this question and you have what you need to focus on to make sure your holiday goes as you want it to.

Then every time you are presented with a hiccup or a challenge repeat that same question to help remind yourself of what is most important, that way you are less likely to get sucked into the wrong stuff!

Once you know what matters most ... 

2. Build A Horror Floor
Sit down with the family and work out all of the things that could go wrong and often do when getting to and from and at your destination.

Here are some typical examples

The Airport will be packed, The flight will be delayed, your accommodation won't be ready when your arrive ,at the end of your holiday you will have to check out long before your before your departure and the children could be tired, cranky and hungry etc.      Once you have worked this out then decide what you will do to keep the fun in, if and when it does go wrong.

For example:

The Airport is packed: Check-in as soon as possible and go through security to departures and wander around the shops or sit down and play a game of cards with the children while you wait to board the plane.

Your accommodation isn't ready when you arrive: Leave your luggage and do a little exploring and go get something to eat while you wait.

Early morning Checkout: See when you arrive can you pay the extra for late checkout or use a courtesy room or have one small suitcase with what you need for the day, change of clothes , bathing clothes etc so that you can enjoy your last day rather than waiting around in travel mode. 

3. Check out your destination in advance

Visit  this is a website that will tell you all about your destination and even your accommodation it is written by ordinary holiday makers like yourself so you will get the real picture along with lots of  practical tips with regard to restaurants, safety, things to do and places to go etc

4. Swap 'Just in Case' for 'Just enough'
Avoid much of the travel stress by keeping it real and rather than being laden down with a load of overweight awkward suitcases work out a list of 'needs' and 'wants' and pack your suitcases accordingly.

I.e. I need suntan lotion as opposed to I want to wear 3 different sets of clothes each day!

Remember most of these destinations have laundries in them.

Start packing your suitcase a week in advance.explaining to your children once an item is washed it stays in the case for the holidays.

Split the bags according to the weight restrictions

If you are bringing more than one suitcase divide the clothes between them so that if one goes missing you are not left stranded.

Have another rucksack for the plane with food refreshments magazines and toys
Have the clothes that the kids are wearing all lined up the morning of the holiday

If you have children with you let them each bring a rucksack suitable to take on the plane with some of their toys and stuff in also, this will keep them occupied during the journey and on holidays. 2 weeks away from their own toys can be challenging for them too!

Have a separate rucksack for yourself and or your partner that you use to have your passport and tickets to hand when needed and  can stock up with food and drinks after you check in at the airport and also bring any medicines, earplugs , playing cards or travel sweets in it too etc .

5. Going out

Make sure everyone has a big breakfast
Pack something healthy that the children will eat while in the airport
Avoid the fast food, sugary drinks and sweets on the journey over
Focus on remaining calm and underplay the enthusiasm until you get there
Stay focussed on where you are and make the best of each challenge.
Have little games and distractions set up in advance.
Delegate for breathing space and have a time out period agreed with your partner and children for when you need it.
Decide where you are going to eat on the first night even before you go.

6. Change your standards and increase your enjoyment

Once you arrive, remember you are in a different country so the rules will be different too. Things that you may consider important, the residents may not, so do your best to adjust yourself accordingly and stop comparing.
Remember very often you are just a room number and an irritant that will be gone in two weeks time so you getting all upset only serves to spoil your holiday so when challenged apply your skills but without the tension.

Decide that no matter what you are going to make good of what ever challenges present themselves. Your time is precious you only have a few days to make the most of it so keep it in mind whenever your standards or rules have been violated.

Having the same spot in the same place on the same sun loungers is rarely possible so prepare to work around don't have to have a sun lounger could be one day at the beach another at the pool whatever works with the least amount of stress.

7. Do what matters
If you are going out in the evenings set up some nap time for the children during the day.

Remember the children don't always like to be in the sun and neither do they like to be doing the same thing all of the time .agree with your partner to take the children to the apartment for an hour or two to play indoors or take them on a little adventure while mum bathes by the pool .do this in turns and everybody gets to benefit.

Play with your children when they ask you to , often times a few minutes is all they want and they will be perfectly happy to compromise and leave you be for larger chunks of time if you do this.

Play as a family all of you together in the pool at the beach wherever .this is the stuff they absolutely love and will remember for years to come. 

If there is a kids club make use of it and know that what your child will most likely want is to make a friend to meet up with during the day at the pool or wherever and to be at the mini disco ..It is still the simple stuff that continues to work.

If you are going on a bus journey, talk to your children about where they are going and what's happening.sitting still for an hour or two is not natural for them so make the journey a part of the fun experience too!

If your children are younger get them the all in one swimsuits that way you don't have to worry so much about keeping them creamed up with suntan lotion.

8. The  return Journey
Again apply the same rules as when setting out making sure that you have warm clothes for when they arrive back home if they have been on a sunny holiday.

Have it if you can so that a family member, a friend or a neighbour has got something fresh (Bread Milk etc) for when you arrive home so they can have a little snack before you all retire to sleep.

When you get home ease gently into normal life maybe go out and eat rather than getting straight in the 'thick of it' again and while there relive your holiday highlights so that you have memories you can recall whenever you want to feel good really quickly in the future.