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John Daly - MAN FRIDAY

Friday, 16 May 2008

Today we are lucky enough to be joined by a broadcasting legend John Daly who has taken a break from his busy schedule to be Sheana and Pamela's Man Friday.

DJ, TV Host and Executive / Series Producer!!

John currently presents The John Daly Saturday Show, Radio Ulster (94.5FM) on Saturdays from 1.10pm - 2.45pm. He also produces the Dave Fanning Show on RTÉ Radio One Mon - Fri from 7pm - 8pm

He was born in Portadown, Co Armagh. He is married with three children, Jack, 9 and twins Oscar and Olivia, aged 5. He is vegetarian but does eat fish!!

The Le Mans 24 Hour race, The London Marathon, Proms in the Park, The Football World Cup - He has been lucky enough to have covered them all on national radio.  He has also shared a microphone with some of the most famous names on the planet.  It all began at his local hospital radio in Craigavon, County Armagh where he inadvertently caused floods of tears in the wards by playing "I Wish I Was At Home For Christmas".  He then sent a tape to the local ILR station for advice and promptly landed a job there.2 years later.

In his time at Downtown Radio (at the time the most successful station in the UK), he presented and produced daily phone in talk shows, breakfast shows, documentaries, live outside broadcasts, schools quiz shows and celebrity interview series.

On moving to England he began working for BBC Radio 5live as the live outside broadcast reporter on Edwina Currie's much publicised foray into the world of radio, Late Night Currie.  And when he returned to Ireland he moved to the ratings success and award winning BBC Radio Ulster where his Saturday show continues to thrive and is now in its fourth year.  He has also produced James Nesbitt's World Cup Anthems, through his production company for BBC Radio 2.

From checking Cliff Richard's teeth for peanuts, accusing Victoria Beckham of glowing (before she revealed her pregnancy) and playing the part of Oscar Wilde in dramatic reconstruction to being bitten by an ostrich.  His presenting career has been varied but never dull. 

He has rubbed shoulders with the famous in exotic locations (Day Out With Daly - 2 series for BBC NI) and in the confines of a TV studio on his chat shows (Saturday Live - RTE, The John Daly Show - 5 series for BBCNI).

He has itched all over wearing ridiculous costumes, playing the parts of Viking warriors, kings and clan leaders to uncover a world of contentious history (A Pocket History of. - 2 series for BBCNI).

The recent fascination of owning property abroad has allowed him to present celebrity based shows (Snap), interactive panel forum shows (Ask the Property Experts) and to extract tips from those who have made their millions buying abroad (Property Kings), all on Overseas Property TV.

Prior to all of this, he was a regular panellist and creator of Daly's Weekly, (a weekly paper review) on Channel five's The Wright Stuff and reporter and presenter, championing the causes of the consumer on the BBC1 Daytime show The Really Useful Show.

He has also been able to breathe fresh air on countryside shows, from The Countryside Hour and Langley Country on BBC2 to a 2007 pilot for a programme called Rural Retreats for BBC Daytime.

At one stage he seemed to be addicted to quiz shows.  From his own creation, Class Distinction - The Schools Quiz with a difference, to putting his honours degree in education and business studies to good use on Big Crash and Bankraider. 
Who else do you know would have appeared on The Heaven and Earth Show (BBC1), Loose Women (ITV1 - honestly!) and Noels House Party (BBC1) - although until recently (Noel's Second Coming) most of us denied knowledge of the last one!
He has also been the regular regional presenter and network insert presenter on Children In Need since 2001. 

John has a 2nd Class Honour Degree in English, Education and Business Studies from Queens University, Belfast.