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Sex and the City - Carrie Hair!

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

On this wonderfully themed "Sex & the City" show, we're going to recreate three classic Carrie Bradshaw looks. From the Carrie Curl to the New York Wave and even the now iconic "Wedding Scene bun". We all love Carrie Bradshaw but we love her hair even more.

Carrie Bradshaw has changed her hair almost as often as she changed her outfit and with the release of the new movie, queues will form at the local salons to get the latest Carrie look. Fresh from the movie premiere in London last night, we're here with Carrie's most famous hairstyles.

Look 1:- "Classis Carrie Curls"
Gary shows how to achieve this look on Model 1.
Step 1:- Prep hair with heat protector spray
Step 2:- Section hair into small, thin sections.
Step 3:- Use a small barrel Ceramic curling tongs-roughly (1 inch) and curl each section from root to tip, ensuring ends are curled also.
Use fingers to curl section removing stray hairs
Step 4:- Spritz with long -lasting hairspray to hold look.

Look 2:- "The New York Wave"
Gary shows how we can achieve this look on Model 2
Step 1:- Prep hair with Thermal Protector spray
Step 2:- Blow dry hair straight, but not too straight, leaving volume in hair.
Step 3:- Section hair into 1inch sections, beginning at nape of neck.
Step 4:- Take section of hair and place wide barrel ceramic tongs (roughly 2 inch) at the end of section. Curl tongs upwards and hold for a few seconds before releasing.
Step 5:- Secure curled sections in place with silver grips/clips to keep in place while doing rest of head.
Step 6:- When all hair has been curled, release clips and brush hair through.
Step 7:- Spritz with long-lasting hairspray to hold look.

Look 3:- "The Bradshaw Bun"
Gary shows how we can achieve this look on Model 3.
Step 1:-Sweep hair into a slick pontail at crown of head.
Step 2:- Gently backcomb sections of the ponytail to create volume.
Step 3:- Use an old-fashioned hairnet to gather hair up into bun
Step 4:- Secure bun in place with Kirby grips. Net will ensure bun stays neat and tidy for duration.
(This is a classic up-style but embellished with a great big coloured feather/corsage on one side)