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Author - Michael Kelly

Monday, 12 May 2008

We are joined in the studio by newly published author Michael Kelly who gave up his city job and nice house for a life of rural wilderness and self sufficiency. His book Trading Place's charts how he and his partner came to grips with their new lifestyle.

Michael Kelly and his wife were classic Celtic Cubs. Then they simplified, down-sized, opted out. Now they live happily in a leaky cottage in Dunmore East, their ties with the capital severed and their careers as corporate drones abandoned.

They grow vegetables and rear an ever-expanding coterie of animals: laying hens, a cock named Roger and pigs called Charlotte and Wilbur. And they don't hate Mondays anymore!
This is an extremely humorous, thought provoking account of one couple's discovery that there is an alternative to the consumer driven lifestyle.

As Michael Kelly describes the hilarious hazards of rural life as well as the advantages, he demonstrates how one brave decision can transform your life.

A funny and inspiring account of the ups and downs of letting go of the Tiger.