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Hot Hair for Summer!

Monday, 28 April 2008

The holidays are being booked as we speak - and people are already thinking about what bikinis will look best and what factor they'll wear on their skin- but its also the right time to get your hair in shape and ready for the onset of those damaging UV rays.

Gary Kavanagh, Celebrity hair stylist
Gary is unquestionably one of Ireland's best-known hair stylists. In addition to his role as creative director of Peter Mark, he also looks after the locks of some of the country's best-known celebrities as well as ensuring many international celebrities look their finest while visiting.
Having begun his training with Peter Mark many years ago, Gary has risen through the ranks to become Director of Training himself.

He has handled practically every major fashion show in Ireland and has worked with supermodels Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Jerry Hall and Kate Moss. As well as this Gary also devotes much of his time to styling the stars such as Westlife, Boyzone and Denise Van Outen.

Before you go:
. If you are colouring your hair, don't leave it till the last minute before you go away, about a week before hand is ideal. This gives you a chance to condition the hair as it is always a bit sensitive after colour application.
. Ask your hairdresser for an up to date analysis of your hair type, and to recommend the correct shampoo/conditioner for that type. As hair changes from time to time, you could be using the wrong shampoo for your hair type.
. Get your hair styled into an easy- to manage, low maintenance style. Your hairdresser will advise you on what would be best for your hair type & face shape

Featured Products:
. Bumble and Bumble  Sunday Shampoo for  Deep Cleansing €19, available in salons nationwide
. Naked Shine hydrating shampoo -
. Naked Shine weightless conditioner 2 for €9

While you're in the sun:
. Keep your hair covered whenever possible (Gary will go into detail here to explain about it being the WIND and not the SUN taking the colour out of your hair).

. Never use oil based products on your hair whilst in the sun, it will "FRY "

. Avoid Gels and hairsprays; a lot of these types of products contain resins or fast drying properties, so they can have the effect of "BAKING "in the heat.

Featured Products:
. For use while on holiday Gary recommends VO5 Texturising Gum €5.15 as a holiday styling product as it doesn't contain resin.
. He also recommends the Kerastase 'Soleil' range including the "protector voile"€23.60, the Shampoo at €18.00, and the Masque which is €29.50. There  is also a "Noctogenist Voile Nuit" which is an overnight treatment at €35.30 or a cream for thicker hair, at the same price.
. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Frizz Remedy sachet, €1.50, available nationwide

When you get back:
. Check for split ends etc.  We tend to torture our hair a bit on holiday, and also when the weather is good at home, so a trim upon return is a priority.

. A good intensive care moisturising treatment should replace some of the moisture stripped from your hair by the wind and sun on holiday. Lack of moisture is the biggest problem with summer hair.

. ALWAYS follow manufacturer's instructions, read the label and do exactly what it says. Leaving conditioners/treatments in for hours does not work; in fact you can undo the benefits.

Featured Product:
. Gary recommends Redken UV "Rescue" shimmering defence €22 as an emercengy repair for dried out hair.
. Aussie Reconstuctor for Damage Repair Sachet, €1.50, available nationwide