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Getting A Ship Shape Lawn with Eugene Higgins

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Today our gardener Eugene tells you how to have a luscious lawn!

Three different types of real lawn available - Eugene recommends that you get a professional to lay these lawns.

Grade One, This lawn is a very refined grass. This is a golf course type grass, used for someone who wants a really fine lawn which requires a lot of work. - €6 / €12 per square metre
Grade Two, Standard lawns. Very popular on sports pitches. Favoured by most people, needs some work but easier to manage than grade one.  -  €6 / €12 per square metre
Grade Three, A hardier type of lawn which may not be as aesthetically pleasing but works very well as a lawn.  - €6 / €12 per square metre

Different types of grass seed available:
Easy repair seed - €8.99 (We have a still of this as it begins taking to the soil)

Easy fix lawn repair - €9.95
Wildflower seed - €19.99 (we have two stills of this when it has grown)

Johnsons Shade Mix (suitable for shaded areas of the garden) - €8.95

Suttons Rapid Green (these are coated with seaweed fertilizer) - €4.95

1. Leaving a thin layer of grass clippings on the lawn. This will help replace lost soil nutrients
2. Spike your lawn with a fork if it has poor drainage
3. Most chemicals fertilizers have salt in them, salt is bad for the soil To combat this, use seaweed fertiliser as it's natural and of course it's organic too. This is best applied Best applied in late summer or early spring
4. Mow high. Don't cut your lawn to lower than one third. You need the grass blades to covert sunshine into sugar(photosynthesis) to feed the roots
5. Keep your grass healthy as it will out compete weeds.
6. During drought, use water efficiently so water to half inch then. hours later to 1 inch use a can close to sprinkler to measure.
7. Autumn is a good time to start a new lawn as ground is warmer
8. 2 inches of new soil is good when seeding a new lawn 4 inches is even better

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