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Summer Skin - Set your Face Aglow!

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

The perfect 5 step plan to a flawless summer face. Suzanne is here to set our faces aglow in preparation for the summer months.

We've got four weeks to get our viewers' skin ready for the onset of summer. This is the first in a series of four items on "Summer Skin", beginning with the face and moving to feet, all over body tanning and waxing.

Suzanne Walsh and model Joan Farrell will demonstrate how to achieve that summer glow!

For the first slot of Summer Skin we are looking at facial skin in the following areas:

1. Start Afresh!  Cleanse & Exfoliate
When it comes to treating dull, winter-weary skin, there are a few things to bear in mind:

. Skin needs to be cleansed thoroughly
. Skin needs to be gently exfoliated-not aggravated.
During the winter our skin is exposed to bitter winds, central heating, air-conditioning and other elements and rarely does it receive any fresh, clean air. In order to prep the skin for the coming months, it's important that we start afresh and begin with a clean, smooth palette. Suzanne will discuss how skin should and should not feel during cleansing; how, why and where to exfoliate and the benefits of doing so.

Featured Products: Clarins "Pure Melt" Cleanser €23.00

2. Bright Eyes! Eye creams & how to apply them
The eyes are the windows to the soul-but if they're puffy, tired and wrinkled, the windows may be blurred!
Suzanne recommends a gentle exfoliating eye-cream to remove 'milia' (little white bumps) around the eye area.
She also recommends eye creams that have active AHA agents that condition the dry skin around the eyes.

Featured product: Dermalogica "Total Eye Care" €46.00
Suzanne will demonstrate how to apply product, why the eye tissue is different etc

3. Re-hydrate! Moisturising tips
In this section Suzanne will explain the difference between de-hydrated skin that is water dry and skin that is oil dry.
When skin is water dry, pores tend to be quite open, particularly around the nose.
Oil dry skin tends to feel a bit like leather and may flake.
Suzanne will demonstrate the most beneficial way to apply moisturizers to the face.
Suzanne will also explain how to understand the content of the product and why certain products cost so much more than others.

Featured Products:  Dermalogica "Power Rich" €175.00
Boots Protect & Perfect €23.50

4. Stay Firm! Tighten & tone for super suppleness
For many of us, the signs of ageing are becoming more prominent and the skin has lost much of its elasticity and suppleness.
Suzanne will discuss latest stem cell research in relation to skin care products aimed at firming, rejuvenating, renewing and protecting the skin.

They promise to be the new wonder creams in the fight against ageing: Christian Dior "Capture XP R60/80 Ultimate Wrinkle Restoring Cream" €57.00 & Sisley "All Day, All year" lotion €270.00

5. Barriers Up! What we need to protect against & how.
This crazy world in which we live is full of environmental challenges to our skin. From UV rays to pollution, city smog and air con- our skin is subjected to many things every day. Steps 1-4 are all in vain if the skin is not then protected from external pollutants.

Featured Products: Clinique "Super City Block" up to SPF 40 €20.00

Suzanne's top 5 essential tips:
. Never use your fingers to remove product from jars as bacteria from hands ruins creams. Use a spatula instead
. Always turn lotion bottles upside down before squeezing to ensure all ingredients have not separated.
. Warm product in the hands to help with application to the skin.
. Always stroke upwards when applying product
. Use circular motions with ring finger when applying eye creams.

"Targeted power: With just a few drops of this product your life will change forever!
Capture R60/80TM XP is the first anti-wrinkle skincare line from Dior.
Research that acts on epidermal stem cells to durably repair wrinkles. It's secret weapon? Stemsome Tm an ultra sophisticated vector that delivers a powerful cocktail of ingredients directly into wrinkle!

The results are spectacular: new tissue is created inside the wrinkles, changing their appearance. They are smoothed and repaired in record time."


"This week's revelation is Christian Dior's new high-tech anti-ageing range.  It's the result of years of stem cell research and is set to revolutionise skincare by actively repairing, rather than simply preventing, the appearance of wrinkles.
To help us achieve younger-looking skin in 2008, researchers at Dior's Innovation Centre used the latest techncologocal advances to isolate the reconstructive properties of stem cells, the cells used to repair damaged skin, and use them to repair skin and remove wrinkles from the inside.

To activate and protect the stem cells' magic, the range contains a Stemsome system to target all levels of the skin's epidermis. On the surface, Bi-Skin smoothens out the wrinkle, TP-Vityl re-starts cell activity, and Bionectine strengthens the structure of the tissue underneath the wrinkle. The range is new for January 2008 but is already earning rave reviews for its impressive results.
Dior Capture R60/80 XP range, from £36"