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Raj Khan - The Next Hector!

Monday, 7 April 2008

At 19 Raj Khan left his native Bangladesh with 100 dollars in his pocket and spent years traveling before settling in Ireland. Now 25 he has said that if he was Taoiseach he'd make sure that everyone in Ireland could speak Irish. He originally decided to learn Irish to have a better chance with the women and hopes to become the next Hector.

Last year Raj took part in a four part series called Níos Gaelí for RTE 1. This series took four foreign nationals and partnered them with four tutors for a ten week crash course in everything from Irish dancing to music. In the series, as well as learning and being recognized from his last appearance on The Afternoon Show. He was recognized by his Iraqi barber who is a huge fan of the show and even gave Raj a free haircut.

He gave up his job as a bicycle courier in December and set out on a campaign called, "Gaelige is cool," after Christmas. This campaign has still to see much success as Raj is waiting on people to back the campaign. When his campaign had failed to get too much notice, Raj decided enough was enough and he got set to return to Bangladesh.

Raj was recently awarded a scholarship for an Irish language college in Belfast called Foras Na Gaelige to complete a full term course studying the Irish language. Whilst he is there he will be working in an Irish culture library and will be doing things like organizing shows to take places in the libraries theatre and may also get a slot on the libraries radio station! He takes up the course on April 9th and is really excited about it.
Raj absolutely loves living here and is very happy at all of the opportunities that living in Ireland has thrown at him. He hopes to get into the media when he has finished his course and would love to eventually settle in Ireland.