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"21st Century Child"

Monday, 7 April 2008

- New RTE documentary series with Child Psychologist David Coleman

New RTE series '21st Century Child', presented by clinical psychologist David Coleman, will trace the lives of 13 babies and their families during their first six years of life.

'21st Century Child' will look at children and childhood, parents and parenting, as we head into a new century, and a new millennium.  Looking at our children as they grow, and how we can grow with them, the series will feature individuals from a wide range of geographical, multicultural and social backgrounds who share one thing in common: a new baby.

The Aim of the Show (from stopwatch productions):

Is literally to give an overview of 21st Century Irish childhood and parenthood. We have changed so much as a nation that we think that it's a great opportunity to get a fascinating insight into what it's like to be a 21st Century parent and more importantly a 21st Century Child. What sort of pressures do children have these days?  What factors influence their development?

Series Details:
There are 4 episodes per series, each programme is an hour long and will feature a selection of families. The most important thing is that there are 12 families and 13 kids (one couple have had twins). Each family has signed a contract for 6 years.
Practical, issue-driven and reality based, it's a parenting programme for a new generation.

Leonora McAteer & baby Conor:
Leonora McAteer and Mark Feane from Garristown were expecting baby number two and are wondering how to cure the co-sleeping habit that they have fallen into.  Their second baby is called Conor. 41/2 months old.

Michelle Clancy & baby Oscar:
First time Mum and Dad (John Devlin), now have 7 month old Oscar who's birth is shown on tonight's show, he is the first 21st century baby in the programme. At the beginning of the programme Michelle and John are eagerly awaiting their first arrival and hoping that it will be musical.