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Fiona E Higgins

Monday, 7 April 2008

Fiona Higgins is the author of 'The Bone Magician' and is being hailed as the new JK Rowling. The Bone Magician was published by Pan MacMillan 7th March 2008.

The Black Book Of Secrets was Fiona Higgins debut novel and was published in hardback in January 2007, with the paperback following in September 2007. It met to a huge amount of critical acclaim, including being the first Sunday Times Children's Book of the Week in 2007.

She has just launched her second installment of the glory adventure, The Bone Magician, that will have kids fascinated. It's what Fiona calls a 'para-quel' - It's the same world with some of the same characters and the same city. The events in both books are happening at the same time.

She has a 4 book deal with Macmillan, The Black Book of Secrets has already been translated into 14 languages. It sold over 50,000 copies and The Bone Magician is now half way there and has only been out a month!

She has always enjoyed writing. She remembers at school in Ireland writing stories and poetry the whole time, and songs! She always wanted to make a career out of it and write the sort of books that she really wanted to read as a child. She went through a spate of writing short factual articles about various things and had them published in magazines but really she wanted to write fiction.

She stopped teaching in 2000 to write seriously and after a few false starts, lots of rejections, she secured an agent and the The Black Book Of Secrets and The Bone Magician were sold to Macmillan.

The Bone Magician - Synopsis:
From the devilishly talented author of The Black Book Of Secrets comes another dark and thrilling tale that has enough twists, turns and scares to satisfy any reader.

RRP: €13.70 and is available at all good book stores