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Movie Mayhem with Michael Doherty!!!!

Friday, 7 March 2008

It's Friday and that can only mean one thing Movie buff Michael Doherty is on the sofa with all of this weeks biggest and best new releases.

Vantage Point (12A)          

Courtesy: Sony Pictures
Starring: Dennis Quaid, Forest Whitaker, Sigourney Weaver
Director: Pete Travis

Verdict: Entertaining, if uneven thriller, which offers a very smart premise and a very strong cast. The premise is an assassination attempt on the US president as seen (Rashomon-style) from a variety of perspectives. The strong cast includes Dennis Quaid, Sigourney Weaver, Matthew Fox, Forest Whitaker and William Hurt as the Prez. Perhaps with a different director, it could have been smarter, slicker and more tense, but Pete Travis (Omagh) is pretty much going through the motions.

Trivia: In its opening weekend, the film grossed $22.8 million in the United States and Canada, ranking #1 at the box office.


The Other Boleyn Girl (15A)         
Courtesy: Universal Pictures
Starring: Natalie Portman, Eric Bana, Scarlett Johansson
Director: Justin Chadwick

Synopsis: Two sisters, Anne and Mary Boleyn, are driven by their ambitious Father and Uncle to advance the family's power and status by courting the affections of the King of England. Leaving behind the simplicity of country life, the girls are thrust into the dangerous and thrilling world of court life--and what began as a bid to help their family develops into a ruthless rivalry between Anne and Mary for the love of the King.

Initially, Mary wins King Henry's favor and becomes his mistress, bearing him two illegitimate children. But Anne, clever, conniving and fearless, edges aside both her sister and Henry's wife, Queen Katherine of Aragon, in her relentless pursuit of the King. Despite Mary's genuine feelings for Henry, her sister Anne has her sights set on the ultimate prize; Anne will not stop until she is Queen of England.

As the Boleyn girls battle for the love of a King--one driven by ambition, the other by true affection--England is torn apart.



Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears A Who! (G)    
Courtesy: 20th Century Fox
Starring: Jim Carrey, Steve Carell, Carol Burnett
Directors: Jimmy Hayward, Steve Martino

Verdict: Horton is an elephant (voiced by Jim Carrey) who hears a cry for help coming from a speck of dust that is home to tiny people called the Whos, who live in Whoville (yep, it's Dr Seuss territory).

Their mayor (voiced by Steve Carell) realises they need help and Horton comes to the rescue, but when Sour Kangaroo (Carol Burnett) refuses to believe that there could be life on a speck, Horton finds himself in hot water.

The story teaches a very valuable lesson: "A person's a person, no matter how small."

And it's an absolute Who-ot for kids of all ages.

Hanna Montana & Miley Cyrus 3D (G)                              
Courtesy: Buena Vista
Starring: Miley Cyrus
Director: Bruce Hendricks

Synopsis: Fans of the hugely popular "Hannah Montana" TV show will get the chance to experience the thrill of a front row seat to see their favourite singer, songwriter and actress, Miley Cyrus, perform her sold-out U.S. tour HANNAH MONTANA & MILEY CYRUS: BEST OF BOTH WORLDS CONCERT on the big screen with this very special Disney Digital 3-DT presentation in Irish cinemas on 14th March. Shot during her 69-city, standing-room-only US concert tour, the film brings a whole new dimension to the pop idol, as state-of-the-art 3-D captures up close, and with stunning clarity, the music, persona and inside world of both Miley Cyrus and her rocking alter ego, Hannah Montana.

With rapidly rising stars, Jonas Brothers, as her special guests and a stage filled with dancers, pyrotechnics and video imagery, HANNAH MONTANA & MILEY CYRUS: BEST OF BOTH WORLDS CONCERT showcases the exuberant magnetism that has led the 15- year-old singer and actress to become a multimedia sensation and attracted legions of fans all over the world. In addition to its viscerally real concert footage, the film includes a "backstage pass" peek at Miley's life on tour.

Trivia: HANNAH MONTANA & MILEY CYRUS: BEST OF BOTH WORLDS CONCERT shot to the #1 spot at the US box office establishing the following records:

The biggest 3-D opening ever with a screen average of $42,000  on 683 screens

The biggest opening of any film playing over Super Bowl weekend including Titanic.

The highest opening for a film playing on fewer than 1000 screens stealing the #1 spot from Borat which opened on 837 screens.