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Send Your Sweetheart Flowers Without Breaking The Bank!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

In Sunday's papers some florists were quoted as charging up to €120 per bunch of roses! With this in mind today our gardening genius Eugene Higgins has some great alternatives to the €120 bunch of red roses.

Kalanchoe - €12.95
These plants are usually grown as ornamental house plants and are also used in rock gardens. They are very popular because of their range of colours, shape and how easy they are to keep.

Vriesea - €15.95
This is a tropical plant and is very easy to keep. Only need to be watered every one to two weeks and are well suited to Spring.

Anthurium - €24.95
These are a tropical plant most commonly found in a red colour and are also heart shaped, perfect for Valentines day!

Peace Lily - €5.95 / €10.95
This is a white lily which can grow to one foot in length. It generates lots of oxygen which is why it's found on many office desks, it was in fact elcted desk plant of the year 2007!

Azalea - €9.95
This is a type of rhododendron. It has many stems which all flower at the exact same time turning the plant into a massive ball of colour! 

Pot Rose - €11.95
This is a rose which is contained in a pot. This means that you can have your own home grown roses for every valentines day.

Plants in the garden that can be used to make flower arrangements ...

Pieris - €12.95
This is an evergreen shrub which grows well in a peaty soil.

Cornus Dogwood - €9.95
This has a rich autumn colouring and is great to use in mixed hedgerows

Euonymus - €8.95
This is a long leaf plant who's flowers grow in small bunches.

Heather - €5.95
This is a popular ornamental plant in gardens. It's flowers can be coloured white, pnk,
purple or red.

Rosemary - €5.95
This is a woody evergreen herb with a wonderful scent.

Aucuba - €9.95
This plant will flower from April right through the summer and is suited to heavy moist soil.

Vibernum - €9.95
This plant is suited to well drained light soil.

Freesia - €1 per stem
These are a very elegant flower which produce a citrusy perfume.

With thanks to Blackbanks Garden Centre for today's plants.