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New Year, NEW HAIR, New You!

Friday, 18 January 2008

The New Year is here and we want to help one lucky viewer begin the year with a bang by giving her a brand new hairstyle.

The lucky lady is Mary Moloney she is a mum of three aged 13, 11 and 6.  She is currently training to be a special needs assistant and is from Lucan, Co. Dublin

She will be getting the star treatment from from Afternoon Show favourite and stylist to the stars Gary Kavanagh.

Gary's Top Tips for cutting curly hair
. Curly hair tends to have a mind of its own , so controlling it is not always the easiest, start with a good quality shampoo and conditioner .There are products specifically designed for curly /frizzy hair.
. top class cutting is very important for curly hair , unlike straight hair , it cannot be cut in straight lines . its all about shape, and using your vision to create a good shape , so find yourself a hairdresser who understands curly hair
. there is a new generation of hair relaxers on the market now , that are very effective and can go a long way towards helping you with your styling . make enquiries through a reputable hairdresser , and only have it done professionally.
. Because curly hair tends to be dry , and appear drier than normal , it is essential to keep it well moisturised . Think of curly hair like you would very dry skin. moisturise, moisturise, moisturise
Use any electrical appliances sparingly. D'ONT, over dry your hair, over use or incorrect use of electric appliances can damage your hair. Hair needs moisture to stay soft and supple. If you overdry it , it will become dry / brittle and prone to breakage.