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Getting The Kids Back Into A Routine

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The kids have just gone back to school and some viewers may be having trouble getting them back into a routine. Today our parenting expert Doreen Buckley will be giving us some tips on how to get kids back into a routine.

Doreen Buckley who has 30 years experience as a midwife and parent/ baby trainer
For 21 years until 2001, Doreen worked as a nurse and midwife in Holles Street Hospital. In 2001 she set up her own business "Senico Birth" which consists of the complete childbirth preparation course and early parenting with a first baby for couples, combined to one day only in a hotel. She was the first in Ireland to make available the above course for busy couples when the only choice up to then was to attend 1 hour a week for 6 weeks at the hospital, Monday - Friday only - which for couples with traffic and parking etc. meant 6 half days off for an hour class.
Doreen is a wife to P.J., mother to Ross age 20 years, former contributor to Your New Baby Magazine (Conception to Toddlerhood) from 1995 - 2002. She has contributed to parenting articles for publications including The Irish Times, The Irish Examiner, Irish Independent Health supplement, V.H.I., T.V.3, Matt Cooper Show - The Last Word on stem cell retrieval.

Doreen's Top Tips for getting the children back into a routine

. Keep a class diary on the fridge so you can know when it's P.E day, when to bring sports gear, communion meeting etc.
. No games console during the week. Computer games console - plug out and put away until Friday. Get child to change out of uniform immediately they come home. Of course no TV in the bedroom
. Get Uniform Ready. Leave clean uniform, socks etc ready the evening before
. Getting Exercise If there was no PE or sports in school then let them out for fresh air & rough + tumble play for 30 minutes.
. School Diary Check school bag for notes from teacher and upcoming events.
. Night Routine Get a routine for bed and set a time. Supper - pyjamas - teeth - prayers - cuddle - story
. Morning Routine Set a routine for morning: Allow enough time for washing, dressing and breakfast. NO TV in the morning!
. Getting Homework Done Plan for getting homework done - they can doodle at it so get a kitchen timer. Senior infants - 20 mins, 1st class 30 mins etc
. Friday Treat! Child must be looking forward to a treat. ie. On Friday have a friend over or watch a film etc
. Planning The Week Let child get involved with planning their week
. Have a weekly food plan. Set meals for certain days and make it easier on yourself by planning your meals and only having to do a weekly shop.