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Make And Do With The Kids This Christmas 

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Today we're joined by Mary Fitzgerald who is going to be showing us some great tips for keeping the kids amused all through the Christmas.

Mary FitzGerald, better known as Mary "Make and Do" was a very popular children's television presenter on RTE television in the 1980s and 1990s. She is best known for her art and craft shows which started as a short ten minute item on Anything Goes. Following on from the huge success of this, she was asked to present her own show on Den TV called "How Do You Do?"

The show ran for 7 years and during that time Mary produced and presented over 150 programmes and made everything from space ships to doll houses to robots! She was referred to as  "Mary Make and Do" by her many fans  but was nicked named "the Toilet Roll Lady" by the famous Den puppets, Zig and Zag because of her regular use of empty toilet roll holders on the show! The show was continually a rating topper and was second to the Simpsons as the most watched show on Den TV, RTE 2 in the 1990s.

Mary left RTE in 1995 to work as the Public Relations Manager for the Irish Horseracing Authority, Leopardstown Racecourse, Dublin. She set-up her own Public Relations Company in 2001, Mary FitzGerald Public Relations and represents a broad range of both corporate and consumer clients. Originally from Kilkenny, she now lives in Dublin and has one grown up daughter Caroline.


How to wrap your gift like a Christmas Cracker!

You will need
. A  sheet of card or a toilet roll insert
. Crepe paper; green, red, white
. Coloured gift wrapping ribbon.
. A Christmas card
. Glue, sticky tape and scissors

How to make
1. For a large gift, roll a large piece of card into a tube and staple or seloptape together
2. (Use a toilet roll insert if its for a small gift)
3. Get a a large piece of green crepe paper that is longer and wider than the cardboard tube and glue sides of crepe paper together placing the cardboard tube in the centre
4. Cut several long pieces of gift wrapping ribbon
5. Tie ribbon around the crepe paper at either end of the tube.
6. Curl ribbon pulling it over your scissors.
7. Cut smaller strips of  different  crepe paper and glue onto centre of cracker
8. Cut out a Christmas motif from a Christmas card such as a Santa's head or Snowman and glue onto centre of the cracker


You will need
. A packet of marzipan (available in most supermarkets)
. Food colouring; red, green, orange
. Cloves
. Small confectionery cases-optional
. Small gift box

How to make
1. Divide up the  packet of marzipan  into three or four pieces
2. Use a drop of  different coloured food colouring to color the marzipan so you have a green ball, a red ball etc
3. Shape the coloured marzipan into different fruits such as an apple, orange etc.

1. Use green marzipan, roll into a small piece into a ball
2. Cut out dark green marzipan leaves and add on
3. Add a clove for the centre

1. Shape some red marzipan into a strawberry shape
2. Prick all over with a fork
3. Add a clove in the centre with two green marzipan leaves at either side

1. Shape some plain marzipan into bananas
2. Use a narrow paint brush to draw on lines with dark food colouring.

1. Roll several small balls of green  marzipan
2. Cut out dark green marzipan leaves and place in the centre
3. Secure with a clove

Place all fruits in individual small confectionery cases and put in a nice gift box.


You will need
. Card
. Leftover Christmas wrapping paper
. Pritt pads or sticky tape

How to make it
1. Fold card-board in half into a card shape.
2. From wrapping paper, cut out three motifs of a Santa or Snowman which are all the same.
3. Glue one motif in its entirety onto the card.
4. Cut out part of the second motif and using a pritt pad, stick it onto the first motif.
5. Cut a head from the third motif and using a pritt pad to stick it onto the second motif.
6. Essentially you are building up layers to give a 3D effect of the image on the card.

Further details on Mary's DVD