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Budget Table Settings for Christmas

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Its Christmas time and we all want to make the celebrations more memorable than ever. Interior designer Barry Joyce is here with some fantastic table settings to wow your guests.
People are spending a fortune on Christmas presents and you don't want to have to get yourself in a tizz about spending a fortune on table settings too. We are going to show our viewers how to have fantastic festive table settings for a reasonable price.

Theme 1 - Candlemass Christmas
Nice bright fun table here, keeping things light and casual. Centrepiece is a circular piece of plate mirror with different colour candles in different sizes with various types of
baubles in between and strewn around the table-top.  The table will have frosted or etched glasses on a white table cloth with silver charger plates. The look is crisp, clean and casual. This table is for people who don't like the fussiness of Christmas

Theme 2 - Ye Olde Christmas Frosted Frolics
Great traditional Christmas treatment here with dark green table top and a wreath in the centre of the table.The emphasis here is on Christmas of yesteryear: reds and greens, tin figures of Santa or carol singers and snow. Use of mirror again as centre piece for basing arrangement on; will be using holly and ivy here for dramatic effect.  Above all, the table will be traditional, rich but fresh looking. This table is for those who love the authentic traditional feel of Christmas, great for a large family to gather round on Christmas day.

Theme 3 - Yuletide Elegance
The soft greys and silvers combined with pearls and matt colours here give this table its elegant look. The table-top in dark grey sets off the centrepiece and treatment. A floral garland is used here to set off the scheme. The contrast of dark, light greys and pearls with silver sparkling touches here and there will add to the lushness of this look and appeal. This would be ideal for young people having a dinner party at night with friends.

Price List

4 pk silver baubles, €3, Penneys
3 pk glass baubles, €4, Penneys
8 pk mirror baubles, €3, Penneys
Red holly tree decoration, €1.50 each, Penneys
Gold tree decoration, €1.50 each, Penneys
House decoration, €2.00 each, Penneys
Gold bell decoration, €1.50 each, Penneys
Holly lantern decoration, €1.50 each, Penneys
Snowman decoration, €1.50 each, Penneys
Snowman in bucket decoration, €2.00 each, Penneys
Acorn decoration, €1.50 each, Penneys
Grapes decoration, €1.50 each, Penneys
Silver boot decoration, €1.50 each, Penneys
Silver chair decoration, €1.50 each, Penneys
Wreath, €2.00 each, Penneys
Tree candle, €2.00 each, Penneys
 White fitted double sheet, €11.00 each, Penneys

4 pk silver twigs candles, one size, €8.00, Dunnes
Silver twigs candle medium, €6.00 each, Dunnes
Silver twigs candle Large, €8.00 each, Dunnes
100 pk white tea lights, €5.00, Dunnes
Cream pine cones pack, €6.00, Dunnes
6 pk gold napkins, €10.00, Dunnes
Mirrored baubles, €3.00 each, Dunnes
4 pk glass gold baubles, €10.00, Dunnes
Christmas house ornament, €3.00 each, Dunnes
Mirrored basket, €3.00 each, Dunnes
6 pk luxurious crackers, €25.00, Dunnes
4 pk Raphael wine glasses, €8.00, Dunnes
Taupe lustre bowl,7",€6.00 each, Dunnes
Taupe luster dinner, €7.00 each, Dunnes
Bronze charger, €4.00 each, Dunnes

Marks and Spencers
Snowflake light, €5.50 each, Marks and Spencer
Snowflake bauble, €4 each, Marks and Spencer
Glass baubles pk of 9, €15, Marks and Spencer
Cut glass bauble,€5.50 each, Marks and Spencer
Bronze candle holder, €8 each, Marks and Spencer

Meadows and Byrne
Dinner plate x 4,  10 euro each, Meadows and Byrne
 Soup Bowl x 4, 7 euro each, Meadows and Byrne
Sauce Boat set x 1, 8 euro, Meadows and Byrne
Avon Cutlery canteen.
Etched Champagne glasses x 4, 6.80 ea, Meadows and Byrne
Christmas Crackers , 6.95 for box, Meadows and Byrne
Reindeer Hurricane Lamp centerpiece, 35 euro, Meadows and Byrne
Jacquard Table cloth and napkins in red and in white
Star centerpiece , 45.00 euro, Meadows and Byrne
Dinner plate x 4, 8.00 ea, Meadows and Byrne
Soup Bowl x 4 @ 8.00 ea, Meadows and Byrne
Red wine glasses: Crisscross x 4, 3.00 ea, Meadows and Byrne
Highball tumbler x4, 4.50 ea, Meadows and Byrne
Star cut hurricane lamp, 36.00 x 1,  Meadows and Byrne
Pearl Wire garland, 12.00 ea, Meadows and Byrne
Trim a tree: clear/pearl bauble x 6, 9.00 ea, Meadows and Byrne
Trim a tree: Ivory/pearl bauble x 5,9.00 ea, Meadows and Byrne
Diamante Bauble x 4, 8.00 ea, Meadows and Byrne
Various ribbons, 8.00 ea, Meadows and Byrne
 Torino: 4 green velvet and 4 camel velvet, 160.00 each, Meadows and Byrne
 Esprit: Fly chairs x 4, 329.00 each, Meadows and Byrne

Table Setting 1
Table Setting 2