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Eugene's Christmas Tree Extravanganza!

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Our landscaping legend Eugene has a guide to all this seasons must have Christmas trees!


Noble fir. These have a blue green colour. They have good needle retention.
Prices from €40

Nordmann fir. This is also non shed but is not as needle fast as the noble fir.
Prices from €35

Nordman "growing tree." Grown in pots and can be planted out after Christmas
Prices from €35

Both species are not as needle fast as in the past because of global warming. The lack of a hard frost means that the trees do not go fully dormant and as a result the needles have not "fixed" and the tree will shed. Putting the tree in a water holding stand (like the Cinco stand priced at €30) will definitely help .But before putting the tree in the water holding stand you must remove about 1/2 inch from the base (like cutting the ends of the stems of cut flowers)

Cinco stand priced at €30


Brunswick 7 ½ ft. This is one of the best fake trees on the market.
Price: €329

Tree with L.E.D lights - L.E.D's start at €35
L.E.D's are becoming more popular due to their low power consumption.

Poinsettias are the most popular Christmas plant and are also known as Christmas stars. Many of those used to brighten up houses in Ireland are imported however the ones we have on set are 100% Irish!
Price - Range from €2.99 to €14.99


Irish VS Imported
Nearly every tree sold in Ireland is Irish and is grown in Ireland. Ireland also exports 1/2 million Christmas trees to the UK and the continent. The UK and France are the two largest importers of Irish Christmas trees.

Real VS Artificial
For most domestic situations a real tree is perfect but in commercial situations (hotels, car show rooms) where the tree has to look as well on the day it arrives as the day it is removed then artificial are a better option.

Enviornmental Considerations.
Christmas tree farms are not that environmentally friendly there are a lot of chemicals used to suppress weeds. The trees may be treated with hormones to regulate their growth. On the other hand artificial trees are in the main made of recycled steel and PVC or poly ethelene. Both are byproducts of the oil industry.

For More Information

Tree with L.E.D's supplied by Cloonans of Tullamore. 0579321468

Trees supplied by John Brennan of Irish Christmas trees, Milltown Dublin 6. Irelands only online Christmas tree retailer.
Their website is and phone number is 1800 33 33 33

Poinsettias supplied by,  Long Life Plants Ltd, Highfield Nurseries, Wyestown, Oldtown, Co. Dublin.