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Hormonal Balance With Jan de Vries

Monday, 3 December 2007

The smooth running and synchronicity of all body systems are dependent upon hormonal balance but, sadly, this is becoming increasingly rare. Jan De Vries is here to show us how to get it right.

Jan De Vries
Jan de Vries is a name that has been synonymous with expert complementary healthcare for over 40 years, both in the UK and abroad. Born in Holland in 1937, Jan de Vries graduated in the field of pharmacy before going on two years later, to meet Dr Alfred Vogel, the man who was to have a profound influence on the rest of his life.

Dr Alfred Vogel, the famous Swiss naturopath, introduced Jan to what is now referred to as 'complementary medicine'. Jan was so impressed by this man and what he told him that he left pharmacy to study first homeopathy, then later on the areas of osteopathy, naturopathy and acupuncture. In 1960, Jan de Vries and Dr Alfred Vogel started the very first naturopathic clinic in Holland.In 1970, Jan set up his first UK clinic in Troon, Scotland and he still practices there today, albeit at a new location, 'Auchenkyle'. Jan now has a total of four complementary healthcare clinics, three affiliated clinics plus a number of health and diet shops across the UK and Ireland.

Jan's clinics offer a range of his disciplines from Osteopathy and Naturopathy to Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy plus much more. A keen author, Jan has written over 30 books on a host of health problems and is also a regular feature writer in many newspapers and magazines across the country. He also broadcasts regularly on radio and television and is in constant demand as a popular and insightful lecturer.As well as receiving many awards over the years, Jan de Vries has most recently been made an Honorary Professor of Edinburgh's Queen Margaret University College. His future aims and objectives are to develop the philosophies and education of complementary therapies with the students of the University, while establishing a leading complementary healthcare library of international importance.

What exactly are hormones?
"They are chemical messengers, each with a specific role in the body. They are produced by a particular gland and then travel in the blood to the target site to do their job. That is a simple explanation for some very complex body chemistry."
Ref "Emotional Healing" Jan de Vries.

"The Main times in a woman's life when hormones can play havoc are puberty, and subsequent menstruation, pregnancy, perimenopause and menopause. However, in these days of increased environmental pollution in the air and in food and water, and the competitiveness of life, the poor old hormones have a hard time to do their job most of the time. No wonder hormones get out of balance and cause disruption!"
Jan will focus on the following areas.

1. Pre-Menstrual Syndrome: 
The symptoms might include:  anger, breast tenderness, sugar cravings, tummy swelling; symptoms might appear from mid-cycle onwards and start to lesson from the time the flow starts.  However, the symptoms can be very upsetting for the woman and sometimes, for her nearest and dearest.
For those who experience a lot of anger, frustration, and tender breasts etc. the herb Agnus Castus is brilliant and for those who can feel a bit down and whose periods might be a bit scanty and perhaps irregular, Black Cohosh could be very helpful.

2. Teenage Hormones:
It is during the teenage years that the hormones begin to rage as the young boy or girl change from being a child to being a young adult. Usually no natural remedies would be recommended until a young woman's period is well established. Some teenagers can have their confidence severely undermined by the appearance of unsightly acne during this time. The herb Agnus Castus can be helpful for both boys and girls in helping to alleviate this unpleasant symptom.   For a teenager who has a tendency towards eczema or dermatitis the herb Viola Tricolor can be very helpful.

3. Regarding Hormonal Weight Gain:
With the Herb Agnus Castus, this symptom may improve.  However, if the problem seems to be related to fluid retention, good old Dandelion can be very helpful.  In the case where sugar cravings are part of the problem, Helix Slim used consistently over a period of time can be very helpful.

4. Menopause:
Change of life - a woman who has taken good care of herself throughout her 30's and 40's - who eats healthily, exercises and gets enough rest may not experience many symptoms at this time.  However, many women nowadays live very busy lives full of stress and may forget about themselves in looking after everyone else.

At the Menopause a woman may experience exhaustion, hot sweats, feeling low, not sleeping too well, anxiety, and aches and pains.

It is a good idea to get a good medical check-up and make sure that everything is as it should be. Adjusting ones life to include some exercise - perhaps a walk very day, drink water rather than tea or coffee, and relaxing a bit more can be helpful.

Hot Flushes/hot sweats are the symptoms which many women find annoying and irritating. 

The herb Sage (Salvia) has been found to be very helpful with this symptom.

Anxiety and not sleeping too well can be helped with the herb Passiflora.

If a woman is feeling exhausted and stressed the herb Ginsavena can be very helpful - this combination is great but as it contains Siberian Ginseng, it is best not to take it if on other medicines as there are some with which it would be contraindicated.

As all of the above are have emotional as well as physical impact, the flower remedies can be very helpful. 

Mood Essence, in PMS or at Menopause.

Female Essence, at Menopause, to help with feeling confident in being woman at this time of big change.

Herbs are all available in tincture (liquid, better for absorption) in all health food stores and most pharmacies.  They all cost Euro10.45; the essences available in the same outlets and cost Euro 5.35

All information from today's show can be found on:  

Jan de Vries Dublin Healthcare Centre:
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Phone: 01-7978716