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The Wonder of Box Wines

Friday, 30 November 2007

Master of Wine Martin Moran is with us today to give s the low-down on box wines and the best ones to go for this Christmas.

. bag-in-a-box packaging prevents oxidation of the wine during dispensing.
. Box wine is not subject to cork taint or spoilage due to slow consumption after opening
. A bag of wine, once removed from the box, will float on water. This allows quick cooling of a white wine by immersion in an ice bath.
. box wines eliminate the need to recycle glass and cut down on shipping costs
. very convenient to throw in backpack and bring to the beach or on a day out - no corkscrew needed!
. They can last up to six weeks after opening.
. efficient for storage and transport of rectangular boxes, and elimination of bottle breakage
. Save money. There is usually a discount on the equivalent bottle price

The Down side
. Limited range available. Shelf life varies from about 6 - 9 months, maybe 12 tops as the packaging is more permeable to oxygen than glass, so no fine wines packaged this way.

General background
Sales account for only about 2% of Irish wine sales at Tesco report that their sales are up 40% this year.

This format is small here but huge in Scandinavia (over 50%) and Australia where they are called 'casks' or known as goon

Martin will then talk about 4 different box wines which will be from four big shopping outlets. M+S, Dunnes Stores, Tesco's and Aldi.

Top Four Choices

NAME: Tesco Pinot Grigio
COUNTRY REGION: Italy, Veneto region
TASTING NOTES: A dry medium bodied white with aniseed and pear notes plus bitter almond with a twist of lime zest on the finish. Fine as an aperitif or party wine and with light dishes like salads or shellfish.
FOOD MATCH: salads or shellfish.
PRICE: €23.99 per 3 litres   Normal Bottle price €6.99
BUY IT: Tescos

NAME: Gaston de Veau Chardonnay
COUNTRY REGION: France, Vin de pays d'Oc
TASTING NOTES: Inviting ripe tropical flavours of pineapple and melon are balanced by crisp fresh pear and a dash of citrus.
FOOD MATCH : The weight of fruit here suggests it would go well with stir fries, all sorts of poultry dishes and of course with party nibbles
PRICE: €21.99 per 3 litres   Normal bottle price €6.50
BUY IT: Marks & Spencers

NAME:  Tesco Australian Red
TASTING NOTES: Lively cherry and mint or eucalypt aromas and flavours with a medium weight smooth palate. A great value wine that's perfect for mulling or serving at parties
FOOD MATCH: Serve with a variety of snack foods or simple foods like pizza, lamb chops, stews or moussaka.
PRICE: €17.99 per 3 litres   Normal Bottle price €4.99
BUY IT: Tesco

NAME: J.P. Chenet Cabernet-Syrah
COUNTRY REGION: France, Vin de Pays d'Oc
TASTING NOTES: Attractive red berry fruit mingles with notes of chocolate and maybe caramel to create a smooth satisfying wine
FOOD MATCH: would go well with a wide range of everyday foods like grills, pies, burgers, pizza and pasta.
PRICE: €23.99 per 3 litres   Normal bottle price €6.99, currently on offer €12 for 2 bottles
BUY IT: Dunnes Stores