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Bikini Waxing for the Festive Season

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Beauty expert Suzanne Walsh is here with the latest in Bikini line trends. From Brazilian to Hollywood-we explain what's out there in the wacky world of the Bikini wax

Types of Waxing

1. Regular Bikini Wax
A general tidy up- removal of hair from outside of the panty line(Roughly €15 - €20)

2. Californian
Also called an Extended Bikini Wax, this is a high leg bikini wax removing hair on the bikini line and inner thigh. Suitable for high cut underwear & swimwear.(Roughly €20 - €30)

3. G-String
Also called a thong wax, this is a very tight bikini wax which leaves a thin strip of hair (2-3 finger width) from the front of the bikini onto the lips (labia). All hair from the bum is removed. .(Roughly €20 - €30)

4. Brazilian
This treatment leaves hair on the front in either a strip or mini-triangle shape. All hair from the lips (labia) and bum is removed. A Brazilian basic leaves a natural shape on top with all hair removed from underneath. (Roughly €45 - €65)

5. Hollywood (also known as a "Sphinx")
This treatment removes all hair from the pubic area and bum. Totally bare.
**Hollywood with Swarovski crystals:- After a Hollywood wax, your choice of gems are applied in the shape of your choice. The gems should stay in place for 4-6 days.(Roughly .€45 - €65)

Suzanne's Advice on Waxing

Pre bikini wax advice

. Exfoliate area to be waxed 24 hrs before treatment
. Don't apply any moisturiser to the area on the day of treatment.
. Trim hair down to 1/4 inch prior to bikini wax
. Wear suitable underwear. Disposable paper underwear is provided in most salons.
. After shaving or cream hair removable you will need to allow around two weeks of growth before you can have a bikini wax.
. If you have a low pain threshold apply no scream cream 45 minutes prior to your waxing treatment.
. Most people find bikini waxing less painful than expected.

After care

. Avoid hot showers, baths, swimming pools, Jacuzzi, saunas, sunbeds for at least 24 hrs after waxing.
. Gently exfoliate waxed area roughly three days after treatment and continue to do so until next treatment. Remember gentle exfoliation.
. Apply a light moisturiser to the area i;e aloe vera or tea tree lotion. Never apply rich moistuising creams as they tend to block pores and cause ingrown hairs.
. Avoid friction and tight clothing
. No perfumed products on the area

Reasons to refrain from waxing.

. If you are using retin A or roaccutane at the time of treatment or in the last 6 months
. If you are hypersensitive to heat treatments
. If you have been exposed to sun or sunbeds 24 hours prior to your wax
. If your immune system is extremely low.
Before/during period your pain threshold is lower so waxing may not be a good idea at this time.