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Sponsor A Dog

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Did you know that for a small fee, you can enjoy the experience of bonding with a dog without the responsibility that comes with being a pet owner?

In today's hectic society, there are many reasons why the option to sponsor a dog should be availed of. There are so many animal lovers who just can't own a dog for whatever reason. There's the person who is renting or living in an apartment, the employee who working too long hours, the elderly person who's not physically able or the parent who is too concerned for their child's safety to bring a dog into the house. 

Today we will look at how these people can sponsor a dog.

Does the rescue centre take all kinds of dogs?

They have a no-kill policy. They take in all types of dog and don't have any of them put to sleep. The dogs that are under 8 they try to re-home. Last year they re-homed 86 dogs. The dogs that are over 8 are permanent residents in the ASPCA and need sponsorship.

What's the story behind each of the pets that you have there today?

Spot: Spot was handed into the sanctuary because the owner was going travelling and had nobody to take him.
Paddy: Was an old dog found in the middle of a busy road. We advertised for his owners to come forward but no one ever did.

What kind of people sponsor pets?

People living in rented accommodation
People living in apartments.
People with young children who really want a dog but they don't want to risk it.
People who don't have the time to look after a dog every evening.
In today's society many people may have grown up with a family dog but now can't own one because of whatever reason. These pet lovers can come and sponsor a dog and spend time with "their dog".

What are the benefits?

Well you get free access to a dog for a small price. Perfect for someone who can't commit to full-time care. It's the perfect alternative to getting someone a dog for Christmas - why not sponsor a dog for someone?

How much does it cost? What does the money go toward?

The website does say it costs €50 to sponsor a dog. But they would always say, the amount is whatever someone can afford. They are not going to ask the elderly who don't have much money to pay €50 etc. The money they do receive will go towards the dogs grooming, toys, collar and lead, food and treats that are supplied by the Rescue Centre.

What do you get in return for your money?

When you sponsor a dog, you receive a personalized certificate with a photo of your dog, the dog's history and the progress of the dog. You will receive a yearly newsletter from the rescue centre. Remember it is only the dogs who are over 8 years of age that are sponsored as they are too old for people to want to adopt. These dogs may have either a long-term illness or an injury. You are free to take your dog for a walk by prior arrangement with the ASPCA.
PROP: Example of certificate and newsletter etc.

Do you actually have to sponsor a dog to be allowed walk them or can anyone?

Rescue dogs that are waiting to adopted need a lot of exercise as they are younger and full of energy. You can either make an appointment to walk one during the week or you can come to a weekly walk that happens every Sunday from the centre at 3pm.

Alternatively you can walk a sponsored dog (be aware they are not the sprinting kind and prefer a short route) between 10am and 12, Monday to Saturday.

Can anyone sponsor a dog?

Yes anyone at all.

How do you apply to sponsor a dog?

For more information go to or alternatively call 087 617 8871, Mon - Sat, 10am to 5pm for further details. They will send you out an application and information on each of the dogs that are waiting to be sponsored. You can choose which one you would prefer to sponsor and send it back.
PROP: Application form.

Do you do background checks on these people?

They would generally trust that if someone wants to give money toward a dogs upkeep, that they are an animal lover and not some kind of psycho!!!

Are they monitored with the pets?

Paul or Caoimhe would often accompany people on walks with the dogs as the walk is around the rescue centre.

Are there many sanctuaries around the country where you can sponsor dogs?

You can sponsor dogs all around the country.

. Paws in Mullainahone, Co. Tipperary - Call 1570 262 3622 -
. West cork Animal Welfare Group, Co. Cork - Call  086 8500131 or 086 3862714 -
. Dogs Aid are based in Dublin - Call 01 834 7134 -
. Animal Care Society- Cork City - Call 021 4551781
. Dogs in Distress -