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Wine Of The Day - 19th November 2007

Monday, 19 November 2007

Today's wine is perfect to go with Kevin's duck dish!

Name:   Red Rover Zinfandel

Price:    Normally €10.99 - but on offer until end of December @ €8.99
Available: Spar, Eurospar and SparExpress
Producer: Stevenot Winery in the Sierra Foothills of California
Vintage: 2005
Country Region: California, USA
Grape Variety: Zinfandel

Why this wine was chosen for this dish any wine stories or awards:
Nice plummy style of wine which doesn't have specific overpowering fruit flavours, or astringent tannins and will complement the duck perfectly - a good all round wine which works just as well without food.

Tasting Notes:
This Zinfandel shows intense ripe fruit flavours of raspberry and dark cherries, with subtle layers of vanilla, sweet spices, freshly cracked black pepper, and nutmeg with a long finish. It is a very complex wine for the price! Very Pinot Noir-ish in style!

Further information etc:
The wine comes from the Sierra Foothills of California where the Gold Rush gave the area its first taste of notoriety. Zinfandel is one of the main vines in the area and some are so old that they date back to pre-prohibition days! This whimsical label, is a new venture launched this year by the Stevenot Winery, and belies the fact that really serious wines lie behind the label.

"Drink only in moderation: the Afternoon Show and its producers advocate a balanced and responsible attitude to alcohol"